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Characteristic of Zodiac Sign - Taurus

Astrology signs explained - by Sarah Bartlett








Taurus - The Bull.
The 2nd sign of the zodiac.

Element: Earth.

Ruled by Venus.

Taurus people are practical, down-to-earth, creative, loyal, possessive, temperamental and sensually indulgent.





Characteristic of Zodiac Sign - Gemini

Astrology signs explained - by Sarah Bartlett








Gemini - The Twins.
The 3rd sign of the Zodiac.

Element: Air.

Ruled by Mercury.

Gemini people are curious, unpredictable, elusive, changeable, versatile, childlike, romantic and freedom-loving.





Characteristic of Zodiac Sign - Cancer

Astrology signs explained - by Sarah Bartlett








Cancer - The Crab.
The 4th sign of the zodiac.

Element: Water.

Ruled by the Moon.

Cancer people are instinctive, cautious, needy, protective, nurturing, sensitive, secretive and deeply complex.





Characteristic of Zodiac Sign - Leo

Astrology signs explained - by Sarah Bartlett








Leo - The Lion.
The 5th sign of the zodiac.

Element: Fire.

Ruled by the Sun.

Leo people are distinctive, self-made, provocative, loyal, demanding, goal-oriented, flashy, flamboyant show-offs.





Characteristic of Zodiac Sign - Virgo

Astrology signs explained - by Sarah Bartlett








Virgo - The Virgin.
The 6th sign of the zodiac.

Element: Earth.

Ruled by Mercury.

Virgo people are discriminating, obsessive, realistic, analytical, self-contained, reliable, predictable and incredibly knowledgeable.





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