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Ultimate Compatibility Guide - Scorpio Woman


scorpio-glyph.gifSarah's sign by sign zodiac love and compatibility guide for the Scorpio woman




aries-glyph.gifScorpio woman/Aries man
Assured of action, she'll have sexy, challenging scenarios wherever they go. She needs to be centrifugal to his life, he just wants to party.  Her drive towards passionate, intense experiences could push him to the limits and his personal quest for independence could leave her doubting if this is the right relationship after all.

taurus-glyph.gifScorpio woman/Taurus man
Taurus is her natural opposite in the zodiac which means the physical tension between you will be magnetic. This is often a love-hate relationship in the extreme. An erotic fascination for each other develops quickly,  but could be exhausting, possessive and emotionally challenging.

gemini-glyph.gifScorpio woman/Gemini man
She wants to probe the depths of his amusing, ambiguous personality. He needs constant variety and doesn't like being psyched out. He's not one for making long-term commitments, whereas she wants an exclusive relationship. They might have to work out what their true motives are for being together. Maybe just sex?

cancer-glyph.gifScorpio woman/Cancer Man
Fascinated by one another's very private nature, they crave complete emotional closeness, and are dedicated to each other.  Good relationship potential, but he may not be as passionate and challenging as she secretly craves.

leo-glyph.gifScorpio woman/Leo Man
For a while she's happy to play his adventurous games, but her need for a serious emotional involvement could worry him. Both are demanding and will enjoy challenging the other, but his desire for glamourous friends and social fun may begin to make her very jealous indeed. Good for a fling, difficult long-term.

virgo-glyph.gifScorpio woman/Virgo Man
Searching for a sensual, but ordered love-life, he¹s discriminating and laid-back. She has a more passionate, chaotic approach to relationships. She might quickly feel emotionally unfulfilled because he keeps a wide berth of his feelings. Not easy, but can be good for a fling.

libra-glyph.gifScorpio woman/Libra Man
He craves the perfect relationship, and loves being subjected to her intense mystical power. But a very different attitude lifestyle-wise. She wants all or nothing, he wants to be free just in case someone more perfect comes along.

scorpio-glyph.gifScorpio woman/Scorpio Man
An instant affinity both sexually and emotionally, but they could end up playing too many power games. Exciting and intense, if they truly enjoy the danger element of who can outwit or out-pleasure the other first. A  sexy and wicked relationship, but jealous imaginings all round.

sagittarius-glyph.gifScorpio woman/Sagittarius man
He needs to feel free to come and go when he pleases, where she needs to know exactly where and what he's doing. Sexually exciting and great for a short-term fling, but could turn into a very steamy, torrid affair with Sagittarius running to the other side of the planet to avoid Scorpio.

capricorn-glyph.gifScorpio woman/Capricorn man
Both are aroused by sexual power, and there could be some fascinating conflicts surrounding their mutual need to be in control. He learns from her intense passion for life, and she learns from his pragmatic one.  A challenging physical rapport, and a serious commitment likely.

aquarius-glyph.gifScorpio woman/Aquarius man
Often a highly magnetic and erotic relationship. But she wants total involement, he doesn't.  He's not interested in exclusivity, so great for an unconventional and sexy affair if he can handle her jealous streak.

pisces-glyph.gifScorpio woman/Pisces man
He's a social animal and prefers to roam. She's discrete and doesn¹t want their intimate life broadcast around town. Good for sexual and emotional affinity, but lifestyle needs very different.




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