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Top Tips to Help You Stick to your New Year Resolutions Pt 2

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Romantic Revelations by Rhianne 

Last week we started looking at how we could ensure that we stuck to our New Year Resolutions. We covered Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

We’re continuing through the signs this week, so grab your coffee and get comfy.

Cancerians with their love of all things cosy could have a tricky time sticking to resolutions that take them out of their comfort zone.  They do have an iron strong will though, so the wherewithal is most definitely there.  Let’s see what else could help our Cancerian friends.

The Hermit.  Ok, so the Hermit is about alone time and introspection. If your New Year's Resolution is something where you are needing to be around a lot of people, or if you are in fact pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, then what will most likely help you stick to that plan is if you schedule in some ‘me’ time just afterward, something for you that you absolutely love, as a reward for sticking to your goals.  This should help keep you on track.  It means that you are getting rewarded for your efforts straightaway win/win.

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Leo’s love the challenge of a New Year's Resolution, but can they stick to it?  Well, yes and no, they will if the mood takes them but if not then no, they won’t.  Let’s see if we can help the lovely Leo’s to have a little more staying power.

King of Pentacles ooh now that’s interesting.  It’s saying that if the resolution increases financial abundance for the Leo or even if it just adds some feeling of security to the Leo’s life, then they’re more likely to stick to their goal. So, the trick Leo’s is to factor in what this goal can give you in terms of security or immediate financial reward and that should keep you on track. Brilliant!

Virgo’s are one of the most organised of the Zodiac signs so if anyone can stick to a goal Virgo’s can, but what can take them off track? With Virgo’s it can be a cry for help from a friend or family member. This sign is incredibly helpful and if someone needs their help then they will happily put the other persons needs before their own. Hmm ok, so how can the Tarot help with this?


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Queen of Cups.  I love this card this is a really good piece of advice for the Virgo’s. The queen of Cups is about nurturing.  The advice for Virgo is to remember to nurture and be there for yourself. It’s about self-care, boundaries and putting your needs first. You can still be there for others but remember to be there for you too.  If you can do that, then you should easily stick to your resolutions and not get waylaid. Lovely!

Librans and their love of balance and harmony have an easy come easy go relationship with resolutions for the most part in that they can take ‘em or leave’em!  Librans have life pretty much in balance throughout the year and operate on a policy of ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’.  So, let’s see what the Tarot can add here... This could be interesting!

Six of Wands, which is talking about success.  What this card is showing Libra is that you do succeed with most of the things that you set your mind to for the simple reason that it’s important to you at that time. My feeling with this is that mini goals are much better for you rather than one big goal.  That way you can adjust your aim as you go through the year. Success is calling Libra!

Tune back next week for the final instalment of Top Tips To Help You Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions. To book a love and relationships reading with one of Rhianne's team call 0800 0673 577 


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