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Summer Solstice Chart


What does the Summer Solstice mean for you zodiac sign? 

At midnight GMT on June 20th, the sun will enter zero degrees of the zodiac sign of Cancer. This also marks the summer solstice, the moment of the year in the northern hemisphere when the sun has reached its greatest elevation.
Pagans, spiritualists and sun-worshippers have always celebrated this longest day and shortest night for its mystical and life-giving symbolism. This year other astrological significators on the 21st include Venus's softening effect on stern Saturn and a rather confusing tension between egotistical Mars and fluffy Neptune. Depending on your sun-sign, the summer solstice chart for the 21st June sets a precedent for the rest of the calendar year. Check below to find out what's in store for you.



The planetary line-up increases your chance of sexual highs and wild abandon. So don't waste your energy squabbling about why there's a spot of ketchup left on the washed up plates.  Perfect people just don't exist, and a growing awareness of how to handle love with care, just like a flickering candle, will instigate a flame that mellows your heart.  Meanwhile, whether you decorate the place, or throw yourself into a challenging domestic upheaval, you'll achieve the kind of lifestyle you deserve by September. But take care you don't fuel a few envious fires with your panache and determination to get things right.

You know you need nature, beauty and those little luxuries of life to make you feel secure, well over the next few months you can surround yourself with the ambience and goodies that turn you on. De-clutter your mind, heart and your cupboards early this July, when nostalgic moments, or ex-partners give you a feeling you might have something to regret. But gradually, as you reach the end of the year, you know that real, solid love doesn't play tricks on you, and the only illusion is the doubt in your head. The adoration of someone special gives you a chance to really put your feet up.
On your own glorious throne.

Be aware of your limitations and develop a refreshed, wiser and more spontaneous you. Money opportunities are coming your way mid August. You might not see the fruits of your labour immediately, but earnings should increase in substantial ways. Look out for contacts in your working life who can help you attain your financial goals. If you're under pressure from taxmen or debts, take a more serious attitude and start planning now.  You have an innate knack for being a trader, so put forward your aspirations to someone you know owes you a favour early September.

An amour begins to treat you as if you had celebrity status. Enjoy the adoration, but remember, icons of love often become fallen idols of disillusionment. Expressions of love, the joys of family and the inner riches of your soul will the measure and the criterion by which you live out your potential. Unfulfilling it won't be, brimming over with love it will.
Remember, your values will be changing, and with it your sense of security and self-worth.  In November Invest time in yourself, or develop other creative ventures to bring a deeper, more authentic sense of satisfaction.

You're in the limelight, you play key roles, you're in your element, and no-one's going to get in your way. The only problem is, certain colleagues or friends could act like fractious children, behaving in a way which makes you more tempted to play a few manipulative games. Their envy is certainly worth noting, but push too hard, or too fast, and you could miss out on their valuable insights. Just because you're so full of yourself, it doesn't mean that personal questing and shared enterprise are mutually exclusive.
You need to muck in to chill out and win.

Financially you feel better off than you have for a long time and you have a renewed passion for investing, but equally one for spending. If you're careful you won't trip up over your own feet, so go out and indulge in a bit of retail therapy. Wondrously, come September, you're beginning to live out your true potential, and at last you're taking one step forward without taking two steps back. Family attitudes are slowly changing and you have to come to terms with ambivalent feelings concerning work versus domestic life.
Do what you want to do, and don't feel guilty for being true to yourself.

Love does make your world go round, and the next six months are no exception. Mars gives you the energy and the initiative to go after what you want, or an existing relationship becomes laced with passion.  You finally receive the feedback you want from friends and intimates. And that's to be loved for who you are.  Market yourself among colleagues and contacts, and don't feel you haven't the stamina to take on more responsibility. You have.
By October authority figures might oppose your plans, but equally give you a chance for a new direction. And the goalposts will be moved in your favour.

Financial goals are attainable for the rest of the year. And because you're working hard to achieve more, your income will follow suit. Generosity pays off by the end of November when you can take a few risks, and with increased earnings, invest shrewdly. Money is your watchword. So in true eagle-eyed style, look out for an incredible opportunity for material wealth, but also for the richness of mind, soul and spirit that you truly deserve. By November, suspicious behaviour, professional espionage and complicity abound, but then doesn't that give you something to kick against?

it seems there's nothing to stop you from taking on new projects, involving yourself in crazy speculations or just enjoying a daredevil approach to life and love.  Whatever you do, remember to use your intuition when taking any risk. And don't listen to those know-it-alls who say they've been to hell and back. Those who claim heaven on the other hand, could be lucrative.
You're either fighting dragons, rescuing lost souls, or recounting exaggerated tales of success. Be truthful about your abilities and you'll be up for an exciting new challenge.

With Jupiter's influence over the next few months, you can expect lively, sexier, relationships peppered with lashings of passion and romance. You're radiating a very charismatic aura and can get away with being more demonstrative than usual. Ask for what you want, explore new ways of relating to an existing partner, or be ready for the challenge of a very different kind of love. Decisions have to be made mid- October, but you have the support of those who know where your heart truly lies.

This is your chance to establish what you want from life, but real compromise is needed. Disenchantment surrounds one unusual love interest and you begin to realise that you need friendship just as much as physical passion. For most of the summer, you're spurred on to assert your freedom and independence, and any brief flirtation or fling will force you to make a major commitment or decision. Your summer solstice chart is going to make you realise there are no rules to relationship games. Each one is unique and has its own dynamic, its own fire, it's own energy. Enjoy the changeable nature of love over the next six months.

You're feeling uplifted by a sense of something wonderful coming your way.
And when you're such sparkling company it seems a shame not to share those bubbles with another genius. It's time to put forward those dreams and ideas which usually you fear would cause difficulties in your relationships. But remember to listen to the feedback. It could be vital to your long-term success. You feel divinely wicked after September and you'll be in the mood to cause a little stir.  After all, if there's no drama in your life, you've got to create some. So chase up a few sexy leads, and enjoy the attention.




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