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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - November 2017

Dark Stars: Horoscopes for November 2017 by Jane Lyle.

Do you have a quirky goal or unusual ambition? Are you and a group of friends trying to achieve something special? If so, now’s the time to focus on whatever is close to your heart, and ignore those who’re trying to rain on your parade. And, of course, with Mars in your opposite sign, Libra, you’ll have to find tactful ways to deal with your critics, and subtle ways to sidestep anyone who is actively trying to block your progress. Mid-November could be particularly irksome, while a stand-off at the end of the month is also dramatic – yet could be avoided if you resolve to remain icily calm – easier said than done, admittedly. An old lover or friendly ex-partner could turn out to be very helpful to you at this time. Perhaps there’s still a little spark there? Meanwhile, some heartening financial news, offers of support, or a shy, new admirer promise to put a smile on your face.

Much of November is all about other people. How do you feel about your relationships? How do others feel about you – do you have any idea? For some of you the possibility of a shimmering romance is deeply alluring. Your more poetic side is activated by November 4th’s powerful Taurus full Moon, a Moon of strong feelings,  deep attractions, music and cake. This theme also activates your intuition and artistic flair, something you’ll want to pursue now, and during the year ahead. Your challenge is to keep things flourishing in a creative, spiritual sense while avoiding anything involving dubious get-rich-quick schemes or risky liaisons with strangers. Something magical could appear mid-month, when Venus and Jupiter align – do welcome whatever arrives on your doorstep, but don’t feel bad if you want to take a little time to process your thoughts and feelings. It’s the right thing to do.

Thought-provoking conversations and surprising news are sprinkled throughout November.  But you may not know what you really think until things come to a head at the Gemini full Moon in early December. Mars in charming Libra is boosting your creative, playful side – and if you’re single some exciting attractions could pop up out of nowhere. Some of you fancy taking a few risks – if these involve any kind of financial gamble, take great care and be exceedingly cautious. Meanwhile, other interesting possibilities are brewing as you question current goals, and review the way you earn your living. There are lucky chances around, especially if you want to explore a wider world – perhaps through travel, perhaps by extending your knowledge and skills. Saturn leaves your opposite sign, Sagittarius, next month. So it’s a useful time to think about where you are with your partnerships, longstanding friendships, and commitments. What would you like to nail down, and what would you like to change in 2018?

Deep feelings and a delicious kind of restlessness rise up with the potent full Moon in Taurus on 4th November. It illuminates neglected parts of your imagination, reminding you just how fabulously intuitive you really are. This is more than just a passing mood, for with Jupiter now in Scorpio you’ll benefit from a fertile year of enhanced spiritual, romantic, and creative energy. There’ll be all sorts of domestic things to sort out now, and chances are you’ll be more involved with visitors and neighbourhood projects than usual. These familiar distractions cannot prevent you from sensing a shift in your world. Those feelings, subtle at first, strengthen as the weeks pass. So if you’d like to make changes to your intimate life, your artistic outlets, or your relationships with family and children – a clear Scorpio new Moon (18th) might be a positive time to set your intentions – if only in private. There’s no rush – why not just feed your imagination and see what happens?

Happiness lurks close to home in November. It’s a fortunate time for home improvements, or setting up a home office. But digging a little deeper, you could find inspiration in your family, or unearth a fascinating story about an ancestor. Whatever you discover this month can be the start of a new journey, as the planets encourage you to dabble in a little alchemy and learn how to blend what’s established with what’s unusual and different. A spirit of adventure refreshes relationships too – and some of you could find a very different kind of friendship or love affair this month. November’s full Moon in Taurus (4th) brings something to a head at work, or encourages you to focus on your goals – do they still matter, or are you in the mood for something fresh or unexpected? What surfaces now hints at a fork in the road ahead. When Uranus enters Taurus next May it’s opening a phase of change for your life direction and even your status. Coming events cast their shadows before them.

Your conversations and communications this month are way more entertaining and informative than usual. It’s quite amazing what you can find out, or how a casual chat can lead on to all manner of things – including boosting your income, finding a hot date, or finally tracking down a reliable plumber or electrician. Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio encourage you to use your wit and charm – so whether you’re on social media, or applying for a job, your subtle charisma can attract many positive situations and some magical, mystical people too. Since Mercury will be retrograde in December, you might like to strike while the cosmic iron is hot. Otherwise, you should be prepared to review things next month. If you want to plan a trip, or if someone is planning a journey to come and visit you, it’s worth making meticulous arrangements now. Mercury will be backtracking from 3rd – 23rd December in travelling Sagittarius, just in time for the festive season. So it’s worth having a Plan B up your sleeve, just in case. 

With Mars in Libra you’ll want to get things moving. But tread softly – there’s no need to push too hard. You’ll only come up against the law of unintended consequences if you do – particularly between 15th-20th and again at the end of November. Others can send your best-laid plans flying – so it’s better to prioritise teamwork and bide your time. Your ruler, Venus, smoulders in Scorpio during November, bringing a focus on cash and values. That’s a major year-long theme anyway, thanks to Jupiter - when the two meet up mid-month you could benefit from a little windfall or some artistic and romantic inspiration. Avoid speculation though –  instead, why not try opening up to some higher thoughts and spiritual vibrations? With an open mind, you’re in a great position to benefit from exciting ideas and possibilities that crop up in conversations or during short trips. An old friend or contact could really surprise you, in a good way too. Take care of your wellbeing, keep options open, and enjoy a thought-provoking month.

Your uncanny ability to sense any disturbance in the force is both strong and spooky this month, with planets and a new Moon in Scorpio strengthening your mind, body, and spirit. It’s a fortunate beginning to your astrological year ahead. Jupiter is now in your sign, bringing a year of expansiveness and all manner of possibilities. Your challenge is to refine your sense of timing, and listen carefully to your intuition. Jupiter and Neptune will be boosting our sensitivity to all things mysterious, musical, and creative now, and during much of 2018. So what you have to offer is likely to be very popular – whether that’s your imagination, quiet loyalty, or fearless emotional depths. You’ll be right in tune with the times. Others may have important things to say to you early in November, and you might need to win them over. But with Venus in Scorpio, your charisma should dazzle – particularly between 16th – 21st. Use it wisely, and use it well. 

Saturn is coming to the end of his visit to Sagittarius, moving to Capricorn in late December. So it might be helpful to look at what you’ve learned over the past couple of years. Some of you may have felt restricted in some way, while others have worked very hard without gaining huge rewards. Yet the foundations you’ve created during this time are solid as a rock, and you’ll be able to build on them and reap rewards in the future – what you’ve established will endure. There’s a lively, flirty social atmosphere on and off this November, with enough to keep you amused. However, with your mighty ruler, Jupiter, in Scorpio now you’ll want to explore your more intuitive, sensitive side too. Paying attention to gut feelings and vivid dreams will guide you towards all manner of interesting possibilities, and perhaps prompt some new routines designed to boost mind, body, and spirit. It doesn’t have to be complicated – a daily walk or some meditation could be all you need to unlock your inner treasure chest.

Changes in how you deal with your home or family are partly out of your control. And some of your feelings, questions, and ideas haven’t been clear. But if you’ve been puzzling over what to do next, you can expect enlightenment this month when Saturn meets innovative Uranus for the final time. Your ideas may surprise you, or others. Meanwhile, much that’s creative, romantic, or even spiritual is waiting for you to notice its dreamy presence in your world. It may be hard to find a space, but it’s worth making the effort, particularly at the romantic full Moon in Taurus on 4th November. Although Mars in Libra brings action and focus to your career and your desire to forge ahead, you may find yourself questioning your current aims and ambitions. Talking to close friends will help, as will tuning in to your own instincts. As you approach the arrival of Saturn in Capricorn in December, you’re crossing a bridge into a pivotal new phase of life. Taking the time to carefully consider all your options now is the first step.

Thinking and talking about your personal world is highlighted this month. Everything from friendships to your parents - and even ancestors - seems to have a deeper meaning, or a message for you. Take it step by step, and bounce ideas and notions around a bit. What you discover has a part to play in decisions you make about your home, your ambitions, and your desire to understand how you arrived at your current situation in life. Something demands attention at home early in November, with the full Moon in Taurus. However, with a new Moon in Scorpio on 18th, you don’t need to rush into any new projects or make sudden moves – adjustments will be needed, or compromises made. With Uranus, your ruler, reversing in Aries until January 2nd, you’ll see that the past, and certain charming individuals from the past, has a vital role to play in current events. Unexpected insights or news at the end of November make it clear that flexibility is your key to finding peace of mind, happiness, and success.

You’ve got plenty of strong, emotional support around you this month with Sun, Venus, and generous Jupiter in Scorpio. If you’d like to explore new skills, knowledge, or plan a special trip – now’s an excellent time. And even if your desires are less focused, you’ll benefit from seeing a movie with friends, or listening to music you’ve never heard before. You might even find a new friend, or romantic possibility. Feeding this side of your complex personality is healing and energising – you may have neglected it this year. Saturn in Sagittarius has brought responsibilities and hard work, and for some of you it has been difficult to see much beyond the daily grind. But Saturn is on the move, heading for Capricorn in December. Bit by bit this will change your focus and attitude towards goals and ambitions – and you’ll see just how much you have achieved too. Jupiter in Scorpio will be encouraging you to dream of far horizons until next November – so why not free your visionary Piscean spirit and go on a quest?


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