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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - March 2018

Dark Stars: Horoscopes for March 2018 by Jane Lyle.




Are you in a pensive mood? Well, don’t feel bad about taking the time you need for reflection. For like a flower in spring, you’ll gradually open up to the world around you as the days pass. Venus and Mercury in Aries from 6th March, boost your charm and your way with words for the rest of this month. And Mars in skittish Sagittarius is heating up your social and romantic life – especially when travelling - until 17th March, so making a good impression should be easy-peasy. After this, your attention shifts towards your dreams and ambitions. You soon realise that you’ll need to work very hard this spring - there may well be obstacles to overcome, some in the shape of other people, or long standing connections. You’ll see things in a new light beneath the full Moon on 31st, and there’ll be even more encouraging revelations and surprises coming your way in April.  While you can’t push the river, you can certainly establish some firm, new foundations over the coming weeks. Cultivate patience.


Early March brings deliciously sweet dreams, so do make the very most of it and enjoy beauty, art, food and love. Planets begin lining up in Aries on 6th March, when both Venus and Mercury enter the hidden house of your solar chart. Secret negotiations, clandestine romance, or tricky people who smile at you while working against your interests are all highlighted – with the days between 10th-14th looking very sensitive. Perhaps you’re trying to establish something of your own, but find the power plays or plans of others are distracting you? Perhaps you’re inclined to be seduced by someone you think is more creative, spiritual, or charismatic than you are? Just be wary, proceed with your usual aplomb, and wait and see what emerges towards the very end of March. Some very interesting opportunities are waiting for you in April, especially if your plans involve study, finding a new job, or making a proper romantic commitment.



It’s good to be aware that Mercury, your light-footed ruling planet, reverses on 23rd March and turns direct again on 15th April. So, as you probably know, communications, computers, and travel plans can get a bit tangled up during this phase – and in the days either side of those dates. Belt and braces plans will be needed.  It’s a perfect time to review things though, particularly creative projects, exercise regimes, and the ways you choose to communicate with everybody. There are lively, flirty social events to enjoy too – with invitations from colleagues, partners and friends encouraging you to get out and about. Meanwhile, the new Moon in Pisces on 17th March hints at fresh possibilities, or suggestions for new ways to earn some extra money. Try not to get carried away though, for there’ll be some sobering financial issues to negotiate. You may have wait before you get what you want, because, on the whole, others don’t think or act as speedily as you do. Eventually, and probably after 15th April, you shall prevail.


It’s a lively month for your hopes, dreams, work, and connections with others. Look outwards is the general message, so try to resist getting bogged down in money worries or financial shenanigans. Of course your finances are important – and those eclipses in January and February will have highlighted that for many of you – but, but, but. There’s more to life, and if you can widen out your life in some way – socially, creatively, or spiritually – you’ll benefit in so many ways. And, you know, by wandering routes and mysterious paths, you’ll probably end up benefiting in terms of your cash and security too. Early March favours adventure and imagination, so if you want to expand your skills and knowledge, or find love, do respect those fleeting thoughts your subconscious throws at you and follow up a few leads. Later on there are likely to be a few unavoidable dramas or challenges with those close to you. A feisty full Moon in Libra on 31st March highlights home and family, bringing something to your attention, or marking the end of a phase. Don’t stress! You’re very well-equipped to deal with this.


Fiery Mars in Sagittarius brings curiosity and fun to your journeys and explorations until 17th March. Even short journeys can inspire or surprise. So learning more about the world around you, even if you’re stuck at home, can be very creative or even romantic this month. Unusual or unexpected encounters are set to shake up any dusty old ideas you might be hanging on to - particularly around mid-month, and at the end of March. Those Leo-Aquarius eclipses of January and February have – on many levels - highlighted your relationship with yourself, and with others. So you may be feeling a bit restless – in search of change, but not sure what form it might take. Nothing has to be decided straight away. Your optimism and openness are brightened by Venus and Mercury in Aries this month, and they make lively companions. If you want to write, or raise your profile in some way, it’s a helpful time to use original ways of promoting yourself and your skills. It’s also good to get involved with neighbourhood projects, get-togethers, or social events. Routines may be disrupted, but don’t you think that some new ones wouldn’t be such a bad idea?


Although there are many debates about your ruling planet, traditional astrology says Virgo is ruled by fleet-footed Mercury. So it’s worth noting that Mercury rewinds from 23rd March – 16th April. This flags up all the usual nonsense with travel plans, computers, communications and details, just in time for the Easter holiday weekend. Triple check plans, and keep your software up-to-date. Tedious? Yes, but it’s a great chance to pick over details of any shared financial arrangements, and is also a helpful moment to talk honestly to lovers and supporters about what you need, and what you think. A strong new Moon in Pisces rises on 17th March, which suggests that certain relationships at home or work could do with a bit of a spring clean. Are there any hidden resentments? Have you kept quiet about something difficult or hurtful? If you feel something like this is holding you back, you’re in a good place to clear up any misunderstandings. Why not open up the windows, and let in some fresh air?


People are out to charm and disarm you this spring. Well, some of the time anyway. So you could sit back now and then, and see what’s on offer instead of trying to be the captain of your personal ship all the time.  Relax, and you’ll discover unlikely champions, allies, inspirations and potential collaborators – particularly during the first two weeks of this month. You may not really relish surprises, yet making space for the unexpected offers you an intriguing perspective. Your home and family, or even your ancestors, want more of your attention as the weeks pass, with Mars moving into serious Capricorn until mid-May. So whether you’re digging into history, decorating, or planning on some zen de-cluttering of heart, mind, or wardrobe, you’ll have the grit and determination to see whatever it is through. Certainly, with a dynamic and uncompromising full Moon in Libra on 31st March, you’re approaching a pivotal moment. By the merry month of May, you’ll see why, and you’ll be smiling.


Early March plays the same bewitching music you heard in late February. The dreamy mood favours love, creativity, playfulness and your relationships with any children in your life. Do enjoy it all, and take a break if you possibly can. The push to get on with things bubbles up, particularly once Mars (your traditional ruling planet) enters no-nonsense Capricorn on 17th March. If you need to promote yourself, get in touch with people, or communicate in any way then the next couple of months would be a positive moment for such projects. Jupiter reverses in Scorpio on 9th March until 10th July -  reminding you of past ideas or half-forgotten possibilities. If you think you may have missed out on something, this should help you see that you can pick up where you left off, or make a success out of something that seemed to fail before. Perhaps that’s a relationship, or perhaps it’s the search for some sort of personal best. Keep going, for what begins in a small, even plodding way this month can burst into colourful life by late April. 


Little by little you’re shifting gear. All manner of realisations are surfacing since Saturn left Sagittarius, and you need time to process what’s going on. Early March is still dream-time, but you’ll probably notice a few hints about your career or where you’d like to be in your life – a movie could get you thinking, or a seemingly casual conversation sparks off a train of thought. And when Mars in your sign is all lit up by Uranus in fiery Aries between 6th – 12th, followed by a potent new Moon on 17th March you could be looking at a whole new vista. You may not be able to spend a lot of money in pursuit of your dreams, or your crush, but don’t let this put you off romance, or stretching your mind.  Using your amazing imagination will propel you further than you think. You’ll just have to find ways under, over, or around those rocks in your path. There’s plenty of time to tweak things, or experiment if you want to – Jupiter, your ruler, rewinds until 10th July, a helpful time to revise your plans. By November Jupiter enters Sagittarius, so right now you’re in a vital transition period. Why not make the most of it?


Relentless could be your middle name this spring. Why? Mars is in Capricorn for the first time since 2016, joining Saturn, your ruling planet, and powerful Pluto in your own sign. So you’ve got some serious planetary back-up, and will be in the right frame of mind to just keep on keeping on. Have you set your heart on anything? Good fortune and positive help flows from projects involving groups. Now those could range from your local market to a choir, a community campaign, or a class you attend. Others are one of the keys to your success and fulfilment, so take it easy. There’s no need to control everything – your charisma and energy will dazzle everyone. And what you’re aiming for now will gradually come together over the next couple of months. As a result, certain things will be left behind – as the full Moon on 31st March should reveal. For some of you, this could signpost a new home, fresh family routine, or even a new family member. For others it signals a new phase in your relationship. Just remember, you’ve got more oomph than you know, so tread softly.


A surprise or revelation is on its way. Mars in the sign of the traveller, Sagittarius, is eager to deliver some amazing news to you this month. For when Mars meets Uranus, your ruling planet, sparks fly - and both circumstances and attitudes are challenged. Your willingness to consider unusual ideas, or get to know edgy or eccentric people, opens the door to possibilities and questions now. So why not do some exploring, and check out your options? For some Aquarians, news and opportunities will link to foreign locations, or bring a chance to travel for work or study. For others, a long-distance friend or lover becomes more important in your life. Either way, past discussions about future plans can now be chewed over, refined, or even rejected. There’s much brewing behind the scenes, but by late May you’ll be in the mood to create change or take action. You can move forward at a measured pace, for once action planet Mars enters Aquarius on 16th May, you’ve got that dynamic energy on your side (with one short break) until November.


A potent new Moon in Pisces rises on 17th March, meaning that you’ve got a kind of brand new year moment all over again. And energetic Mars is currently encouraging you to do something a bit different, particularly when it comes to your finances or even the way you earn a living. Admittedly, March begins in a bit of haze. Getting things straight with a partner or longstanding friend or associate will be almost impossible at that time. You’re better off focusing on your gorgeously creative, spiritual side for a while – and as you may have already noticed, that’s a vitally important theme this year. So whether you’re learning to play music, discovering meditation, or planning an adventure, you’ll find this more fulfilling than having some horribly familiar, confusing argument with someone close. Positive developments link with study, using your skills, and friendship – so don’t feel you must sacrifice everything you enjoy for the sake of just one other person. The bigger picture is just so much more beautiful. 



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