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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - June 2018

Dark Stars: June 2018 by Jane Lyle


Your friends, workmates, and social links are extra-important now, and on until November. Your ruling planet, Mars, is in friendly Aquarius until then – bringing a lively focus on all your contacts. Maybe you’d like to reconnect with some old friends, or cheer up your social life in some way? Or maybe you’ve got an idea for a group project – either at work, or in your neighbourhood? It’s a positive time for action, but bear in mind that not everyone is as dynamic or impatient as you are. Easy does it. What begins now will, in any case, need to be fine-tuned between 25th June and 27th August when Mars rewinds – this could seem frustrating, but strengthens things in the end. Romantic, creative energy is flowing too, with Venus in playful Leo boosting your charisma from mid-month. Enjoy June’s inspirations and surprises – they’ll help to balance things in your world. Changes to home or family are afoot for many Aries people this summer, but right now you don’t have all the information you need to make any big decisions. When it comes to those, watching and waiting is your best option.

As what you thought you wanted shifts around, you’ve probably got more questions than answers. Talking to others could be very helpful – there’ll be possibilities you haven’t even considered, or unusual ways of looking at your current situation. April Taureans are especially energised – you’re now a sparky, electric Bull thanks to Uranus in Taurus.  Mars is bringing your hopes and dreams into vibrant focus – a phase that lasts until November. Things may seem to stall, or even reverse, for a while this summer, but you’re making progress all the same. Trying to push too hard is counter-productive, for this is one of those times when situations outside your immediate control affect your long-term choices and decisions. Any partnership niggles – either at work, or in your personal life – are also subject to what seems like the whims of some Cosmic Joker. Bear in mind that some of the answers you seek lie in the past, not just your own past but in the experiences and motivations of others. Yet fulfilment and inspiration flow from exploring your creative, spiritual side this summer. For everything else, cultivating your inner zen master will serve you brilliantly.

What stirs your curiosity as June begins? There’s a tempting trail leading you onwards through the forest, and many of you will be in the mood for seeing or learning about something brand new. Eventually, things will come together and you’ll discover a new passion, or even find yourself considering a new career direction. Bear in mind that this is the bigger picture – there’ll be much too-ing and fro-ing this summer, and things will open out still further by the autumn. Playing around with your skills and talents will stimulate your imagination meanwhile, and bring some interesting people into your world. It’s a bit like gathering the ingredients for a recipe – you may need to get some extra items before you’re ready to make it. Similarly, a wide-open mind is helpful if you’re currently looking for love. With Uranus now in Taurus your everyday assumptions are entering a period of change – and this, in turn, brings changes to the kind of relationships you want. A fortunate, important relationship phase begins in November, so why not just relax and see what summer brings? You can expect the unexpected.

A little me-time at the very start of June could be incredibly rewarding. A magical planet pattern then offers you a fabulous boost to your intuition, dream life, and imagination. If you care to tune into this, you’ll find your way through whatever kind of fog might be confusing you – whether that’s emotional, professional, or a matter of finding a new direction. Some creative, spiritual certainty will also help you deal with any financial shenanigans that crop up between June and October. Once Mars is rewinding (25th June – 27th August), everybody’s plans and projects are likely to slow down, or be subject to delays and reversals. Some of this simply means things can be improved, or details fine-tuned. Financially, do keep an extra keen eye on what you do online – from shopping to banking. Personally, you could find yourself having to deal carefully with idealistic, yet stubborn, men. Remember, a potent eclipse in your sign on Friday, 13th July, is likely to flip over some wild cards and heralds a meaningful shift for many of you. You’re well-placed to ride the waves, just keep on believing in yourself.

What you hear as June begins throws new light on what cropped up in May. You’ve now got access to more information, plus some pleasingly unexpected help or meetings with friends who have a refreshingly different take on things. View everything as if you were watching a fantastical movie, and relish the idea of learning something new. Venus enters Leo on 13th June, boosting your beguiling charm until July. And you could need plenty of charm when dealing with certain partners and associates this summer, for with Mars reversing in Aquarius (26th June-27th August), they may be inclined to use delaying tactics - or go back on promises made in May or early June. There’s little to be done about this, other than let them get on with it. Confrontation is likely to make things worse. But there’s family support if you need it, and the enticing prospect of exciting changes to your status, life direction, hopes and wishes – signalled by Uranus in Taurus, and the buzzy upcoming eclipses in Aquarius and Leo in July and August. Surprises are brewing, are you ready?

Did something in your life seem to be coming to a conclusion in May? Or are you still trying to find a balance between your ambitions and your home life? Don’t try to nail things down or push others into making big decisions – other options have yet to appear, and you may regret it. Instead, why not tune into some magical potential? You could listen to music, sit beside the sea, or meet up with your most imaginative or spiritual friends. How about writing down your dreams, or keeping a journal? One way or another, access to your higher self, or your subconscious, offers great insights. The more you pay attention to your deeper self, the more likely you are to encounter an amazing coincidence, or meaningful synchronous event this month. And if love or money are currently on your worry list, all the more reason to step to one side and discover the astonishing richness of the world around you. Yes, it’s a challenge, but one you can embrace if you choose.

Lucky encounters or offers are linked to your hopes and ambitions as June begins. You could be inspired to develop your creativity in new ways, or rediscover some abandoned talent or dream. This is just the start of a summer journey for you – one that needs determination and patience as well as vision and faith in yourself. Mars in Aquarius until November is energising your creativity and romantic side – and you’ll be eager to make some changes, and have more fun. Remember to talk things over with your partner or colleagues though, you could become quite impulsive and stubborn during this phase. Taking risks with your finances is not a great idea, but experimenting with your skills and talents could unleash all kinds of exciting possibilities. Many of you are approaching a turning point, and need to keep an open mind this summer. A potent eclipse in Cancer in July will shake things up at home, and reveal fresh choices or opportunities you hadn’t considered. Your best option is to play the game, and wait until autumn before you firm things up.

The inspiring atmosphere of late May sweeps on into early June, and if you don’t ignore it you can tune into some wonderful, uplifting energy. This is what you need when dealing with the long stay of Mars in Aquarius, for between now and November you may find others in a confrontational or argumentative mood. Some of this can be helpful, enabling you to clear the air or deal with something that’s been ignored for too long. And dealing with this kind of thing is important, for with Mars reversing from 26th June to 27th August, the cosmic tides are slowing you – and everyone else – down. Reacting with frustration is a waste of time and energy, better to fine tune your projects or find a way to understand the quirks and foibles of other people. Over the summer other things in your world will change as we experience a powerful eclipse season in July and August. Other opportunities or points of view will emerge, and by the autumn you’ll be in a much better position to make decisions or positive changes.

What you experienced at the end of May continues to matter as June begins. But you don’t have all the information you need just now – so try to curb your impatience, and focus on what you can achieve in the here and now. Making time to listen carefully to your own instincts and connect with your inner world is one of the most valuable things you can do – especially if you’re concerned about moving home, developing a business, or expanding your skills and talents. If you open up to yourself, you’ll find the guidance you seek. Mars in Aquarius promises all sorts of communications and information this summer, with very lively debates or even arguments too. You’ve got plenty to say yourself, but don’t be tempted to waste all your precious drive and energy on confronting other people. Things may proceed more slowly than you’d like. But eventually you’ll see that any delays allow you to make adjustments until something is just right for you – whether that means your romantic life, or your hopes and dreams.

December Capricorns are currently more aware of their responsibilities and limitations than most, thanks to Saturn in Capricorn. And all of you are now in a position to assess what you really need, and what you can cheerfully live without. It’s a slow process, but you feel as if changes are afoot – and you’re spot on. An important series of eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer begins this July, heralding all manner of changes to the way you see yourself, and your love relationships or professional connections this year and in 2019. Since coming events cast their shadows before them, you’re sensing a pivotal shift. Yes, you must deal with various financial matters now, and won’t always agree with others about money. A full Moon in Capricorn at the end of June emphasises your fantastic, stoic Capricorn qualities and illuminates some of the ways forward. Further possibilities arise in early July, so try not to paint yourself into a corner – you may need to make quick decisions or deal with some meaningful changes then.

So, Aquarius, are you feeling energised or argumentative? Are you keen to get things done, or have you begun a new exercise regime? The thing is, you’ve got Mars in Aquarius until November, so if you’d like to take action on something it probably seems irresistible, or even inevitable. Needless to say, the planets have their own rhythms, and once Mars reverses between 26th June – 27th August you’ll be in a phase of editing and refining current plans and activities. Meanwhile, your modern ruler – Uranus the Awakener – is newly arrived in your home and family chart sector, where it travels for seven years. All kinds of inventive, unconventional or surprising possibilities await you, particularly (for now) those January Aquarians. How you organise your home life, and your relationships with family members, are due for change – some of it may manifest very fast, or seemingly out of the blue. Focussing on your rational, far-seeing abilities is wise, for much energy is crackling around you and it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Do enjoy the excitement though, and revel in being your quirkiest and most inventive self.

Oh dreamer of impossible dreams – maybe you can make a dream come true this June. And if certain familiar things seem to be leaving your world, or you simply can’t concentrate for long, why not go with the flow and see where that takes you? Your home, family or even your ancestors have a part to play in this story too – so spending time with people who are close or digging into your family background offers insights and rewards. Once Neptune, your ruler, reverses on 18th June you can retrace your steps if you need to. With your traditional ruler, Jupiter, also in reverse, your past education and explorations are significant. You might return to an old holiday haunt, or rediscover some passion or talent you’ve neglected. Some will get swept away by loving feelings, or feel a deep need to find true love. Bear in mind that everyone is approaching a time when things will take odd turns or slow down altogether. However, what surprises you as you wander along familiar routes could hold the key to success and fulfilment later on this year. 

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