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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - June 2016

Dark Stars monthly horoscopes for June 2016 by Jane Lyle

You’ve been learning how to go at a different pace since April. You don’t like it much, but you can see what you may have overlooked in your haste to get things done. What’s emerging is useful, and this probably irritating experience will, eventually, work out in your favour. Pouring energy into pushing for new things is a waste of time right now. Other people will simply stand in your way. But by August the brakes are released, and who knows where you might be heading? Anyway, this is Gemini season, which means it’s a great time to be sociable, explore your neighbourhood, and make the most of every little thing – from your morning coffee to a gorgeous sunset. You’ll learn things, meet new people, and disrupt your old ways of thinking, or routines that no longer serve you. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Your month begins with a powerful new Moon aligned with your ruler, lovely Venus on 5th June. This would be a meaningful time to think about what you really love, what you value highly, and how to make those things shine and grow this June. Women may be very helpful to you, or be able to point you in the right direction. Keep these things close to your heart, and bide your time. Currently, partners in love, at work – or both – are unable to help you much. They’re struggling with their own concerns. You can be supportive just by being your warm, affectionate self, but you can’t solve their problems for them. Don’t be blinkered by others now – your creativity and sense of wellbeing is boosted all month long by lucky Jupiter and intense Pluto, and you can perform a fabulous transformation act. If you take deliberate steps towards your desires and dreams, the universe will meet you half-way.

Your annual new Moon in Gemini on June 5th is a very special one this year. It’s marking an amazing moment when you can ride the waves of energy all around you like the best surfer on the beach. If you can go with the lunar flow, you’ll see much more clearly what 2016 is really all about for you. Setting intentions, if you like doing this, would be a positive move. This atmosphere lasts throughout the month, but is at its most powerful as June begins. Just don’t expect others to agree with you, they’re likely to be in a cautious frame of mind. And your desire to leave one longstanding commitment – a job, a romance, or even a neighbourhood, may unsettle people who care about you. Around the Solstice (20th) you’re extra-restless beneath a ‘close the deal’ full Moon in skippy Sagittarius. So try to keep your feet on the ground now and again – but do make the most of June’s sparkling bubbles of mental inspiration.

We’re often told about the benefits of ‘moving on’. Yet you, of all the signs, value history, memory, and the treasures of the past – and you’re spot on this June, for the past is playing a vital role in current events. Your beautiful ruler, the Moon, promises fascinating conversations, compelling dreams, and interesting discoveries in your neighbourhood, or beyond, all month long. And if you keep your extra-sensitive antennae tuned in you’ll pick up all sorts of helpful pointers. You might even meet a great new friend, or reconnect with someone from the past. So don’t be afraid to drift a little, you could find something wonderful, and chances are it will be directly linked with your own history. It’s also a positive time for communication and writing – and once lovely Venus enters Cancer on the 17th you’ll create a good impression everywhere you go. Make your imagination and wellbeing a priority in June, and you can build up the energy you need to make some impressive moves in July.

Great opportunities are hiding in plain sight this June. But they may not be what you expected or imagined for yourself earlier in the year. Maybe you need to look at things from another point of view, or simply stop knocking on a door that refuses to budge? This isn’t a sign of weakness, for June is all about flexibility – if you’re willing to change, or even wait and see, then you’ll feel less stressed or frustrated. Relaxing a bit mid-month opens your fiery spirit up to exciting encounters, creative surprises, and new looks – and is most definitely a time when all work and no play is a bad move. You can’t force yourself to be creative and productive, you need to stretch out in the sun before you gather up your strength to pounce. Try to avoid confrontations with the men in your life too – whatever role they play in your world. Relationships with key figures approach a new era by the end of the month, for now you’ll be better off focusing on your own happiness.

Avoiding any kind of DIY in June could be a wise step to take – everything is likely to take much longer than expected. Domestic appliances, cars, or even technology are unreliable too – this is not a great time to invest in stuff for your everyday life.  Similarly, resolving longstanding family issues will have to wait until the end of June. But when you move towards exploring love, creative ideas, or having fun then you’ll attract good luck and feel much more in tune with your true self. A powerhouse of a new Moon on 5th June illuminates vital clues – and conversations with women could be especially important. You’ll also benefit from study, travel, and generally making a conscious effort to think along positive lines. Day by day you’re moving towards an autumn turning point, and even though you can’t really say what that might be like yet, you sense important developments. The more open you are, the easier this exciting transition will be.

Be prepared for a flurry of new information, invitations, or social surprises in the first couple of weeks of June. Other people are very likely to open up spontaneous possibilities – or even romantic frissons – between the 10th and 14th, so don’t hide your Libran light under a bushel whatever you do. Much continues to be outside your immediate control, and you don’t always feel comfortable with that. However, if you accept it you can conserve your precious energy. This would be a very clever step to take, for once Venus and the Sun move into Cancer the Crab (17th and 20th) you’ll be in a much better, and luckier, phase – and it will be time to move forward with your goals and dreams, and see what develops during July. Towards the end of the month you can make some delightful discoveries – either in your fertile imagination, or right under your nose in your own home and family. Something valuable is waiting for you to find it, so why not let intuition be your guide?

Many things begin to edge forwards this month, although your legendary patience is still very much needed in most situations until July. Still, if anyone can do it, it’s you. Your traditional ruler, Mars, is pretty much sitting still in Scorpio, favouring revising, reworking, and revisiting skills, projects, lovers and attitudes. Buried rage might be an issue, so prepare to be very honest with yourself. Your other ruling energy source, Pluto, offers rich gifts in the form of knowledge, creative cooperation, and vitality – for there’s a remarkable June link with lucky Jupiter. You can benefit from this by communicating your ideas, joining forces with others, and building up your self-confidence. This works extremely well when you channel energy into something you’ve already begun. New initiatives must wait until July, when the atmosphere changes – and money starts to flow again. Don’t expect everyone to be as loyal and reliable as you are, many people are dealing with much confusion this month. Just keep on doing what you’re doing, and sooner or later you’ll be delighted by your success.

Look up at the night sky and make a wish when the new Moon rises on 5th June. There’s love, beauty, music and pleasure to be found – but only if you allow yourself to see it. With Saturn and Neptune around, you may have been feeling negative, confused, or disappointed this year – or perhaps things aren’t quite working out how you’d expected. However, the dastardly duo can also help you work hard (very hard) to manifest your dreams – and although it’s a real slog, you’ll see pleasing and enduring results eventually. Both May and June bring full Moons in your sign too, indicating the end of a phase in your life – this could be a way of thinking, a relationship, or a routine. Significant changes are afoot, but – like all of us – you won’t be able to pin everything down just yet. Your fantastic humour and ability to adapt helps you make the very best of this time. Indeed, insisting on certainty just won’t work – you’ll be able to do that in August. Meanwhile, look outwards and upwards – there’s a magical vista unfolding.

June’s a bit like a gorgeous gift wrapped up in dirty old newspapers. As you peel back the layers, you’ll wonder what’s going on. But the gift is there, waiting for you. It’s linked to what you did, or what you were thinking about last October, or again this March. Did you miss out on something then? Or did you start a project, friendship, or journey at that time? June brings an unusually powerful chance to move things forward and create something wonderful, or attract the luck and love you need in your life. Remember, this is one of those times when the universe is inviting you to step forward. This is a distracting, confusing month in many ways – so it’s up to you to see the bigger picture. Once the Sun (20th) and Venus (17th) are supporting you from intuitive Cancer, it’s easier to feel optimistic – for you’ll see just how much others are cheering you on.

Hopefully, by now, you’re getting used to delays caused by others. You can’t push the river, much as you’d like to – and things may not move at the pace you’d prefer until mid-July. Yet this can be a good thing, for fresh information and unexpected events promise to reveal possibilities you hadn’t even considered. Interesting disruptions can crop up any time this month, but between the 10th and 15th June looks like a very lively time for you. And, dull though it may sound, you have a useful chance to revise old projects, or get back in touch with former friends and colleagues. For some Aquarians, this brings romance. For others, it’s an opportunity to put something right, or make a new beginning with someone you’ve neglected or argued with. If this sounds incredibly boring, why not see it as a time of preparation instead? Autumn and winter seem a long way off, but developments then could be astonishing. Preparing mind, body, and spirit now gives you that all-important ninja edge.

June can be a memorable month for you if you can somehow keep your balance, and tune in to all the amazing mutable energy that surrounds you. It could be a very meaningful time for your goals and ambitions – with wise advice from older women looking especially helpful. Interesting possibilities are linked to what you’ve already achieved – and that’s probably much more than you think. There are people who believe in you, so why not listen to them for a change? This is a challenging year for you, and you need to embrace love and support rather than hide away. Think back to last October and March. Did you have any ideas, or meet anyone who inspired you? Did you take that inspiration any further? June brings another unusual chance to get involved with a group project or partnership that holds fabulous, fertile potential. Let the shimmering new Moon in Gemini (5th) be your guide. Towards the end of June, romantic feelings make you smile – just practise your acrobatic skills until then, and listen to the rapturous applause from your fans.



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