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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - January 2018

Dark Stars: Horoscopes for January 2018 by Jane Lyle

Is there confusion or domestic chaos at home? Blame it on the New Year’s full Moon. Yet, somewhere there’s a lunar message for you from your very own subconscious mind. And what your inner spirit has to say will prove to be useful and enlightening as you step forward into an ambitious 2018. Helpful clues and energising conversations guide you during these early January days - women could be particularly supportive and helpful to you now. A powerful new Moon on 17th January finds you restless and eager to make changes – possibly startling changes – to your well-established aims and dreams. This has been cooking up in your psyche for quite a while, and your choices may unsettle some of those who know you well. You can sociably smooth over any awkward atmospheres after the Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th, plus Mars in Sagittarius (26th) lightens things up even more. Seize playful moments and enjoy yourself – overall, you’re now on the threshold of a much more responsible, hard-working two-year phase. You’ll achieve a lot, but don’t neglect love, balance and harmony.

You’re on the brink of a very interesting, fulfilling year. Do you fancy studying something seriously, or dream of working abroad? While frivolous travel may disappoint, travel in pursuit of something more substantial offers intriguing possibilities.  So do watch for hot news from far away around the new Moon on the 17th, and in the days that follow. For others, there’ll be changes in and around your home and family, involving a move for some of you. Whatever is happening, you’re beginning to see things from a fresh point of view, and your emerging hopes and dreams may surprise you. January and February bring pivotal eclipses in Leo and Aquarius, giving you plenty to think about as the year begins. It’s very much a time to keep your options open, and see what – and who - crops up, whether that’s offers of work, romance, friendship or shared creative projects. The first two weeks of January are looking especially lively. Your innate fondness for security isn’t going away, but it will be shaken and stirred this year – and that can bring a renewed sense of freedom and vitality, along with a few nervous shudders.

Some subtle, or not so subtle, changes are afoot. You’re finally free from Saturn in Sagittarius, which has kept your partnerships at work and in your personal world stable – or ended some of them altogether in the past couple of years. Now you’re more open to unusual ideas, or creative conversations with quirky people. It feels good to let your mind roam freely, and all manner of things could inspire you this month. You may even rediscover just how much you still have in common with someone you’ve taken for granted. Do keep a very cautious eye on your money though, particularly any financial commitments or projects you share with others. Information may not be reliable, or missing altogether. So treat what emerges towards the end of January and in February with great care, and don’t be tempted to splash out or lend money you could do with yourself.

January promises to be quite a month for you, the lunar star of the zodiac. There are two full Moons – the first one is in your own sign on January 2nd. Your emotions and intuition are at a New Year peak, bringing surges of visionary knowledge and romantic love. This month is full of constructive potential, particularly the first ten days. So if you want to begin a new project or establish a new relationship – make a move. Around 7th January, when Mars and Jupiter meet in Scorpio, is fortunate, high-energy moment for love, luck, and creativity. Then mid-January brings the powerful, transformative engine of Jupiter and Pluto into your world – another key moment when life can be reinvigorated. For some of you, this comes through developments in the life of a partner or close friend – their news heralds important changes for you, too. This is a big theme for 2018 anyway, for with Saturn now in Capricorn, your longstanding partnerships at work and in your personal life are highlighted – there’s more commitment for some of them, while other connections are leaving your life over the next couple of years.

You may be tucked up in your cosy nest as the year begins. But your imagination soaring, and conversations with young people or children look especially inspiring or uplifting. Everyday rituals and routines sustain you now, and on into 2018 when taking good care of yourself and creating balance in your life is a priority. Your home and family are a wonderful source of good feelings or even luck this year – and entertaining more at home is another happy possibility. Exciting changes are brewing in your career too, and although you may not be able to figure out what’s going on yet, you’ll sense it in your dreams. In the immediate future, eclipses in Leo (31st January) and Aquarius (15th February) stir up your world, and the way you see it. For some of you, a new relationship could be surprising and heart-warming. For others, rediscovering something you’ve studied and almost forgotten, has much more to offer in terms of adventure, practical developments, and shared endeavours. No need to firm things up just yet, an open mind and heart is all you need.

The first ten days of January are full of cosmic support for you and your New Year dreams. Although there may be some emotional chaos to deal with early this month, there’s also a pleasing run of luck and positive energy to help you step forward into 2018. Between the 6th – 10th January is particularly potent, and an excellent time for romance, social life, communications, and charming the birds from the trees. A Capricorn new Moon on the 17th would be a positive time for making any new year’s resolutions – but try to be flexible, your views and desires may have shifted when you weren’t looking. It’s helpful to spend some time thinking about what you want, rather than what you think you’re supposed to want or need. Saturn has now left your home and family zone, so you’ll begin to see certain things freeing up or changing as the weeks pass. Creating and committing to something lasting is shaping up to be your main future focus – whether that’s romance, having a child, or designing an amazing garden.  Cultivate your inner zen master, and allow things to develop at their own pace.

What do you value in your life? For some of you, the answer to this question has changed in recent years. Now it’s all in focus again, as planets emphasise home and family, love, and what’s in your personal treasure chest. Yes, money matters – and some excellent opportunities to improve your financial situation should become clear in the first two weeks of January. There may be a spot of money luck – you might discover something valuable in your home, or find a bargain at a car boot sale. But, as you already know, money isn’t the whole story. Saturn, now in Capricorn, will be bringing more responsibilities and decisions involving your home, and close family members in 2018. Your own family story, ancestors, and parents will be important – it’s a good year to ask yourself ‘what have I learned from them?’. What you discover illuminates the way forward, step by step. Towards the end of the month you’ll get a lot out of chatty get-togethers, writing, and communicating in general. Take any inevitable changes in your charming stride - and prepare for a lively February.

Communication is the key to success as January begins, so if there’s something you need to get across you can speak up with confidence now. The intensely watery full Moon on 2nd January could bring a surge of powerful emotions, and prompts you to look back at the past. But Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio are working together during January’s first ten days – your actions and choices at this time are full of stunning potential, and you can attract luck and support. There’s no need to overdo anything, remember sometimes less is more. As the weeks pass, eclipse season approaches. These eclipses on 31st January and 15th February emphasise important developments in your career and ambitions, and for your home and family. It’s a strong theme that began in 2017 – and many of you have already sensed, or seen, changes. You haven’t got all the information you need yet, and will have to trust your own superb instincts and play a waiting game. But with Jupiter in Scorpio your ability to feel optimistic is boosted, and your positive attitude attracts happy coincidences and good fortune.

You’re inching your way towards a more soulful, creative year. But don’t underestimate what you’ve already achieved, for all your hard work over recent years has been very worthwhile – even if you sometimes doubt this. Some unexpected news, or a sudden flash of inspiration early in January lightens your mood and reveals new possibilities. If you’re worrying about your finances, try to step back a bit and consider taking some practical action. Once Mars enters Sagittarius on 26th, you’ll be keen to move forwards – an energetic phase that lasts until mid-March. Bear in mind that certain long-established things in your life, or at home, seem to be confusing or muddled. But if you can shift your attitudes and point of view, you’ll find a way of coasting along instead of getting stressed or bewildered. Your amazing ability to sense trends, or tune in to your own subconscious, is strengthened this year – and can bring you much luck, joy and fulfilment if you can let go of rigid old ideas or expectations. They can safely be chucked into the dustbin of history.

Well this truly is your season! January begins with four planets in Capricorn, emphasising your sign and its dynamic, earthy qualities. The powerful full Moon in Cancer on 2nd January, highlights some emotional times with your partner or close colleagues. But beautiful aspects in January’s first couple of weeks mean that you’ve got lots of support and encouragement, and any group projects you’re involved with are looking very good indeed. Both luck and romantic feelings are also linked with groups of people, and your own inimitable charm means you’ll be in much demand this month. Saturn, your ruler, is now in Capricorn until 2020. It’s an outstanding opportunity to refine things, to make commitments, and create lasting achievements. You’ll be working hard - you may have to make sure that your serious, driven side doesn’t completely take over. So don’t forget to include music, creativity, and your more soulful self in any New Year’s resolutions you make. And why not make space for a few surprises too? You know what they say about all work and no play.

The weeks just before your birthday month are always a productive time for reflection on the past year. This year you’re sensing the approach of two eclipses – one in Leo (31st) and the other in Aquarius on 15th February. Eclipses stir things up by revealing and concealing information. So a spot of pondering should be even more helpful than usual – and wise Aquarians will hold off on making hard-and-fast decisions too early in the New Year. In any event, January’s first two weeks bring pleasing news, plus one or two interesting invitations or offers to amuse you. Certainly, if you’re involved in any form of education, or your work needs you to travel, these weeks look very promising. Once the Sun joins Venus in Aquarius, after 20th January, your mood lifts and your ability to impress others, or attract what you need, is enhanced. This promises to be a memorable year for you, with energetic Mars in and out of Aquarius for months from May until November. Take the long view now, and you’ll be well-placed to make the very most of the year ahead.

You’ve got all sorts of choices to make as 2018 begins. But first, you’re floating along on the silvery tides of a spectacular full Moon in Cancer that opens the year for us all on the 2nd. Inspiration flows, and that loving feeling could overwhelm you, especially if it links to the past. As the lunar tides ebb away, a productive phase awaits. If your plans include study, travel, creative writing or raising your profile in some way – do take full advantage of January’s first couple of weeks. Unexpected help and luck are highlighted – and you could discover an interesting way to boost income or increase self-confidence. Your two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, are working together for much of this year – with outstanding potential for your hopes and ambitions. Your charisma is seductive, and your spidey senses are tingling. Do avoid getting involved with ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes – they’re more than likely to end in disappointment or even loss. So why not channel energy into love and creativity instead? Refreshing your dreams brings fulfilment this year.  



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