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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - February 2018

Dark Stars: Horoscopes for February 2018 by Jane Lyle.

Working on joint projects and sharing ideas brings joy and inspiration this February. But keeping your options open would be a wise move. A lively solar eclipse on the 15th sparks the unusual and unexpected. There’s fresh information and points of view, and everything shuffles around into new patterns. Some of this relates back to last summer – what seemed like a well-mapped route then could now turn out to need some fine tuning. Maybe you develop a crush on one of your workmates, or maybe you have a vivid dream that beckons you to explore faraway cultures and landscapes. Basically, if you expect the unexpected you won’t be disappointed. After the 19th you’re mulling over what you really want in the weeks before your astrological year begins in March. Give yourself time, and don’t panic. Love, community, and friendship are massive themes for you this year. So why not make some space for things to unfold in their own way, and keep a wide open mind?

It’s always disappointing when others let you down. But flaky individuals can be weeded out now, and your precious energy can be channelled into projects and friendships that enrich your life instead. Shake-ups inevitably accompany a bright and buzzy solar eclipse mid-month. It activates your career zone, and poses questions about your place in the world, and your secret hopes and dreams. There’ll be one or two mysteries as well, and these will take time to unravel. This isn’t a passing phase, it’s part of an important longer-term reshaping of your life direction this year. Visionary moments blossom when Venus embraces dreamy Neptune between the 19th and 21st – you’re inspired by music, beauty, female friends and the magic of love itself. Where this leads you becomes clear towards the very end of February and beginning of March. Keep a close eye on your cash – especially online -  but remain willing to consider all kinds of everything.

Enjoy the airy eccentricity of Mercury in Aquarius, and February’s Aquarian eclipse too. They stir your free spirit, and even if you’re stuck at home you’ll be dreaming of the far horizons from time to time. Some of those distant shores can be reached via your imagination, while exploring new ideas or studies can also feed your sense of adventure. A spot of musing is now essential, for 2018 is looking very different from the past few years. Saturn left your opposite sign, Sagittarius, in December, but it takes time to absorb all the lessons you’ve learned – particularly when it comes to your partnerships and long standing associations at work. There’s much to discuss. If something has ended, you should know that it had reached its limits and you are now free to move forwards, or choose to weigh up your options in your own time. Later this month you’ll have some fascinating encounters and conversations that refresh your ideas, or open the door for a valuable new friendship or love affair. Money could be in limited supply, but satisfaction and inspiration are abundantly available.

The lunar eclipse at the end of January revealed a whole raft of things for you to think about. Perhaps you got diverted by financial matters, but your instincts tell you that there’s much more going on. Further food for thought arrives with a solar eclipse mid-month, which emphasises shared financial situations and also raises questions about the emotional and financial support you receive from others. What’s truly valuable may surprise you, as how you really feel about certain issues and associations emerges from your subconscious. Endings and new commitments are both brewing up in 2018, but you must do some serious thinking first. Beautiful creative, spiritual and romantic energy builds as the weeks pass – so try not to worry too much. Jupiter in Scorpio is firmly on your side this year, expanding a playful and creative side of yourself you’d almost forgotten - or even suppressed. You’ll attract luscious opportunities for love and self-expression once you allow yourself a little more imaginative freedom. Let go, and see what happens!

News from far-away places intrigues you, sparking your imagination and desire to learn more. Go your own way when you can, for others are in a restless mood and you may not be able to rely on them. Currently, as the Sun moves through your opposite sign of Aquarius, you’re inclined to look back over the months since your birthday. You are half way through your personal zodiac year – how’s it going? Questions about satisfaction and fulfilment arose in January, and now a crackling eclipse in Aquarius, plus Mars in flirty Sagittarius, stirs the pot still further. Perhaps you want to reassess your relationship, embrace a hot romance, or clear up some misunderstandings in a long-term professional partnership? Take it easy, and bear in mind that you won’t have all the facts, indeed – certain vital information may remain hidden until later in the spring. Travel, or learning about something that fascinates you, brings more joy than endlessly chewing over difficulties in your relationships. Clarity will arrive eventually. Meanwhile, zen is the word.

Partners or neighbours seem keen to renovate both homes and gardens this month. You may find this quite stressful, since you prefer to do things at your own speed. Ignore them if you can, and focus on those groups of friends you really enjoy spending time with. If you can throw some exercise into the mix, so much the better, for February’s vibrant solar eclipse spotlights your well-being. And part of feeling good is all about friendship and shared activities. Something you once enjoyed is on its way back into your life – and this could include a long-lost friend, lover, or acquaintance. When you stop to think about it, you’ll see patterns of the past resurfacing in both your social life and your romantic partnerships. With Saturn now in Capricorn, time and karma are making themselves visible to you – with news and events from mid-February onwards bringing chance encounters and communications. Yes, there’s much to ponder and probably some unfinished business to conclude. Stay flexible, and you’ll learn a lot.

Heart-warming surprises are on their way for many Librans. You could reignite the passion in your long standing relationship, or find someone new if you’re single. You may even be invited to create some new project with an old associate, or receive an intriguing offer from a former colleague. All of this is just the beginning, so why not enjoy feeling more creative or romantic and maybe even take a tiny risk or two? Preparation now will pay off later in the year. Just don’t be put off if something seems unconventional or unusual in some way. Cautiousness is wise when it comes to your home and any financial or property matters, but a more open-minded attitude and sense of curiosity is what you need when it comes to your personal and social life. You can then choose what feels right for you, try something different, and take off in a new direction in a few months’ time.

Maybe you believe in karma, maybe you don’t. But you’ll be thinking about the phrase ‘what goes around comes around’ this February, for developments linked with your past are waiting to unfold. Now, this can be very good news as you benefit from all your hard work – which may sometimes have seemed like an endless, unrewarding slog. For many of you, it’s high time you reaped some fabulous rewards, and the potent ongoing link between upbeat Jupiter in Scorpio and powerful Pluto, your ruler, holds much promise now, and for the year ahead. What might need more attention is your family, friends, or romantic partner. And this is where you’ll see patterns and learn lessons that are rooted in past decisions. The solar eclipse mid February acts as a catalyst, throwing up all manner of questions about love and commitment for you to consider. What you’ve said or done in the past refuses to stay there, so you can expect to bump into people, or have conversations, that invite you to reassess. You may even get an apology from someone, or realise you should make amends yourself. All of this frees you to be yourself, and make the most of what life has to offer.

Mars in Sagittarius promises to boost your optimism and joie de vivre this February. Meanwhile, the Sun, Mercury, Venus plus a fizzy solar eclipse in Aquarius spark up all kinds of news, encounters, and your own urge to talk, write, and buzz about the place. If you want to promote yourself, spread the word on social media, or make new contacts – now’s a positive time. Your sexy, magnetic qualities sparkle brightly, especially while Venus is in Aquarius from 1st – 10th February. Friendship and love make you smile, of course, but can also bring inspiration and unusual opportunities to explore new places and ideas. You may be keen to increase your earnings, or in the mood to gamble. Be uncharacteristically sceptical, and get advice before plunging into any get-rich-quick schemes – particularly in the run-up to the new Moon and solar eclipse on the 15th. Illusions abound from the 10th until the end of February, and while you may delight in the company of a seductive stranger, parting with hard cash could quickly lead to disappointment. Focus instead on nurturing your own wonderful ideas, and keep your sense of humour brightly polished.

Much became clear to you in January, when the planets gathered in Capricorn and underlined your sense of purpose and identity. Now there’s a noticeable shift, and a restless atmosphere centred upon the lively solar eclipse on 15th February. It’s focused on your values and finances, and what matters most to you. Home and family are at the top of this list, with changes, developments or important discussions cropping up all month long. Perhaps some radical changes are needed, or you’re wondering about moving home? Others may have surprising news for you, or suggestions that will need careful thought. Conversations become less startling or spiky as the planets begin to gather in shape-shifting Pisces, beginning with lovely Venus on the 10th, followed by Sun and Mercury on the 18th. Each makes a supportive, productive link with your ruler, Saturn – making the second half of February the ideal time for you to say what you feel, or attract what you need. Pleasing news at the beginning of March is the result.

At some point this month your thoughts will be drawn back to last summer’s events. What happened, or began, then has a role to play in your present and future decisions. But, just as you can’t hurry love, you really can’t move things along quickly now. Indeed, pushing for others to make decisions or do what you want isn’t really a very good plan. February 15th’s solar eclipse in Aquarius is full of surprises, and these ripple out on either side to fill the month with lively moments.  You may have to reconsider an important relationship or association, you may hear about an unlikely opportunity or chance to work in a new location. There’s a carousel in your mind, whirling around and around, sparkling with potential. While you may fear losing out if you don’t grab what’s on offer, you’ll do better to play it cool. The eclipse heralds change, but what’s really going on will take time to emerge. You may not know all the facts until April, or even later. Trust yourself and your instincts – 2018 is a pivotal year for you, and this is just the beginning.

What emerges from your dreams is vitally important this February. You’re contemplating the past year, and looking forward to the start of your birthday month when the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th. So why not make time for yourself, and allow your amazing intuition, and those vivid dream images, to guide you? Wise advice and useful information is available, particularly when planets in Pisces connect with sensible Saturn around the 15th, 21st, and 24th of the month. Conversations or research offer wonderful insights, and these can lead you to attract good fortune, love, and admiration in March. All of this will take some will-power though, for feisty Mars is currently energising everything to do with your life direction and hopes for the future. There may be arguments with workmates, or partners who see things very differently from you. Hold tight. Planets in Pisces swoosh to your aid, and you’ll be able to charm the birds from the trees with seductive ease before the end of the month. 


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