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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 9th February)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


This week’s roses and chocolates fest isn’t something you want to be involved in, there are things you’ve still to process and as Venus moves into the hidden part of your chart take them to your lair. Ask what love means to you, who was so close but not quite right, and why? Love isn’t always about taking action, sometimes it’s about ice-cream and a greater understanding.

If you’re really going to go there, go there! It seems you’ve decided to let someone know they still have your heart, but are they interested in returning that commitment? Only one way to find out T, send that card but a word of advice, that card will be enough. Save money, cancel the marching band, the truck load of flowers. No chocolate? You’re keeping them, very wise.

Someone older may be the light that shines in this, the week of Valentine’s. They have their own hair and teeth, so not as old as Methuselah and would it matter? He or she brings something new, reminds you of what life looks like when true romance enters your life, prepare for romance the way romance should be done. Marvellous.

You could have reservations, not dinner ones, the other sort. But does that mean someone isn’t for you? Maybe he or she is a grower, someone who takes their time to reveal their true glory? Give them a chance Cancer, let them woo you, and thank your lucky stars there’s still folks who can still woo rather going straight to the woo-hoo!

There’s a solar eclipse this week, it’s in your relationship sky and so what was hidden will be revealed. What does that mean? Well, it could be someone who likes the look of you finally saying it out loud, or using Wednesday’s nonsense to declare it? It could also mean you see who that special someone is all by yourself; finally. Closer than you think.

Venus trots into your relationship sky from the top of this week, how lovely having her there for Valentine’s Day. And? She does need a little help, so step in Saturn and Pluto, helping you do some serious flirting and yes, even going as far as loosening another button on your anorak. Serious stuff. A little effort goes a long way Virgo.

The solar eclipse is in your new love sky, the part of your chart that puts some fun into your life. Say yes to those invitations, so hello sailor if the fleet’s in, say anything you like to whomever you want Libra but do something with this extra chatty energy. How do you know what that new love looks like? Not important. It’s what he or she sounds like, an equal on the chatty front.

You’re supposed to be the sexiest sign in the zodiac, the one who others look to for lust-academy tips. What’s happening? You’ve gone poetic, gooey eyed, less smouldering and more wafting about in the wind. Nothing wrong with that Scorpio, just make sure you’re not so wafty you forget to seal the deal. After the poetry, the come hither.

As it’s St. Valentine’s Day on Wednesday you must send cards, find someone to take to a crowded restaurant full of tables for two and don’t forget the small mortgage on flowers, chocolates and so on. How we laughed! You’re not buying into it Sagittarius and someone who’s on that team seems to form a liking for you because you’re not joining in! Don’t get them a card.

When you make a small concession in negotiations you know someone will try to take more, that’s business. In romance you can do similar, you can concede you like the way someone finds humour in most things and he or she may admire your etchings. So it goes on, and on, and on. Over it. We’re all over it, come out of the pretending and into the admitting.

You’ve not nothing on, nothing apart from a new Moon partial solar eclipse in your sign on Thursday. What’s hidden is revealed and that’s a good thing by the way. Mercury is with you, he’s the governor of your fun and games sky and Venus has just left the building, introductions done. All in all, if you want to start a new romance the lucky vibes are with you. Use them.

I have nothing to say other than Venus is in your sign from the start of this week. That was a short conversation leaving you wanting more, and that’s how someone is feeling about you. A brief encounter wasn’t enough for them, they want to know more and may orchestrate a meeting just for that purpose. See it, notice the effort they’ve gone to and reward it, maybe, if you want?


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