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David's Daring Dating Week beginning 8th February

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


If ever there was a week to put the effort in, this is it! Not just because the flowers and card fest is on for Thursday but Mars, your ruler, is pushing Uranus into taking risks and if that extends to saying hi to someone you’d usually shy away from; so much the better. Nothing to lose, all to gain.

There’s a whole gambit to run with someone new, all the hoops to jump through and chasms to leap. Is it worth it T? Maybe you could put your energy into someone who’s currently putting energy into you? St. Valentine’s vibes suggests high maintenance gives way to being at ease, about time too.

Nothing is going to make you feel more confident about someone than finding out what really makes him or her tick, what they’re thinking, what they like and don’t like. That then informs your choice of Valentine’s gifts or moves Gem. Do your homework, get it right first time. Gold star!

A great social week may not be how you start, but it might be where you finish if you’re prepared to say yes to those invitations even if they are on a week-night. Go on Cancer, break a rule or two and let Valentine’s bring a love surprise your way, or chocolate. Win either way

What isn’t warming the love vibes is someone who’s as frosty as a frosty thing, but oh so attractive, so handsome. They are, but is that enough? Truth is it might be Leo, maybe you just want a Valentines treat? If you’re more interested in longevity things thaw soon enough.

Did you read the article on how to get a date for St. Valentine’s Day? Did you take notes and are you carrying your cue cards? Alternatively, you could trust and wait for the card to pop through the door or find its way to your desk; whatever? Deep breath, this requires some trust in your intuition, your vision and your willingness to accept romantic overtures from a stranger. Oooo.

As a Venus ruled sign you’re all about the love, all about the chocolate too, so this is a week designed with you in mind. St. Valentine’s Day astrology on the other hand is all about assessing self-love, being in the moment and asking what you really want? Dreary. Send loads of cards, have some fun.

With your ruler Mars shifting into your opposite sign on Valentine’s Day it’s clear you’re aiming for some big things and not just on the 14th, for weeks to come. Yep, that’s a not so subtle way of saying don’t rush into anything Scorpio. Mind you, anything dipped in chocolate is tempting, right?

What would you uncover if you dug a bit deeper into who sent the card? It’s your mates with a sympathy Valentine’s bid, maybe it’s you know who from accounts having his or her annual laugh/go at getting you out for a coffee? What if it was someone who genuinely likes you? Find out

As Venus moves ever closer to Saturn karma starts to take action, drawing you both together and the thing about karma is it’s never going to pass an opportunity like Valentine’s Day. Eyes across a crowded room/bus/tube/queue for donuts. See the moment, seize the day. Carpe Diem.

The Moon is dealing with some details and won’t be fully with your love life until Wednesday, which is great as Valentine’s is on Thursday. That, combined with your own efforts to dismiss the influence of an ex should ensure that you’re emotionally available for date night. Yep, you’re up for it all-right! 

Mercury in your sign offers the gift of the gab but you’re reluctant to talk to anyone, you know how it goes and added pressure from St Valentine isn’t helping. Someone sensitive enough to see that, sensitive enough to sit in silence, to offer just a smile perhaps? Wow! Does he or she exist? Oh yes.



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