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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 7th September)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


At the top of this week Venus is out of your relationship sky, that’s it, no hope, all done, get thee to a place of seclusion. Hardly. She’s taking on a new obsession and it may come in the form of someone who totally gets you, and they will. All of you.

When you have the support of mates it can be through a bit of banter, a bit of joking around as they encourage you to get out and about, see the sites. It may seem like a bit of a laugh Taurus, but there is serious fixing you up with someone new behind those giggles. Good.

I know you’re in the mood for something a bit more enlightening than you’ve had of late, someone who gets into the conversation as well as appreciating your dazzling good looks. Happy to suggest that intense conversations are on their way, literally. On the way to work, the gym, wherever. Say hi.

Do you want the head spinning, heart racing, finger sweating kind of encounter you see on those Sunday night telly things? Maybe setting the bench a bit high Cancer, would you settle for Monday night romcom instead? Someone who makes you laugh is way more realistic, and preferable. On their way.

Mars moves into your relationship sky from Tuesday and as he settles in you could be asked to identify what it is you want from love, from a one on one? Expect some interesting versions, just to help you find the one you really want. Mix and pick.

I could be very clever about it all, suggest that the ongoing battle between Neptune and any planet crossing your sign is illuminating soul-led questions within in an effort to expose the truth of your love dreams. Or I could just say they don’t suit, get rid, here comes another one. That.

Venus is out of your sign from Sunday. She has other places to be and things to do so you can sort out any relationship stuff without her, so there. As she goes she fires a final shot at Uranus who has been hiding someone’s light, until now that is. Exposed, ready to talk at last. Not a last-ditch attempt, a final reveal.

As your neighbour loses the power of Venus, for now, she’s in your sign from Sunday but take heed Scorps, this is an interesting few weeks with your love ruler and you must have your wits about you. She’s pushing for bold moves be you seeking new love or sorting out what no longer suits.

When you see the word ex in your love-scope, how do you feel? Does it fill you with hope and expectation or dread? Neither is intended, neither is a given it’s the suggestion that he or she, or influence, is being brought to your attention. For release, to embrace, to laugh hysterically at the very idea is your all.

When you have a hundred and one things to do and all your focus is on the one thing you shouldn’t be doing. That’s how love is this week Capricorn, what you may call a distraction but what a distraction! If you can think of nothing else, stop thinking and start doing.

Mars is in your sign from Tuesday, again, he’s full of energy and go get them attitude and has nothing to do with your love life. Well. He does if you point him in that direction, because to be honest there’s not a lot going on in your love skies. Some effort required.

Harbouring any doubts can sometimes create more of the same, it’s like they replicate Pisces. Clearly the best way to proceed is to assume that everything is as it should be, where it should be and all is well until you hear differently. Stop creating stories that in turn create doubts. Just go with the new love flow.


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