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David's Daring Dating (Week beginning 3rd May)

Category: Love Horoscopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


Anything you need to say? Anyone you need to impress with your wit and repartee? Sooner rather than later Aries, as Mercury is out of your sign at the start of the working week. Mind you, Venus is still resident continuing the case for your sign to be the one most likely to score highest on dating apps.

If you’re thinking about someone when you’re supposed to be thinking about work, cleaning the car or getting the big shop in, it’s a pretty good indication that you might be interested in him or her. Seems you don’t need relationship advice; you need a cup of coffee to sniff to help you wake up to love!

The expulsion of those who don’t suit your new focus, the new you, isn’t something that’s been all that comfortable but you’ve done it Gem and you’re heading for new places, new faces and with that comes new dates, new mates. Slow it down, take your time and let Venus brighten your social life.

I can see why you may be exasperated by someone’s actions or is that lack of action? You’ve tried Cancer, tried to be convivial and sent the required amount of texts at and appropriate pace, played the game. That takes you away from yourself, from who you really are. No games, they can do one; you be you.

In amongst the madness of it all you could find a shiny little light this week as someone is making him or herself known to you, not for the first time. Maybe you were too busy before, maybe you weren’t really looking, but now you are and that’s a good thing. You really don’t have to try too hard; yoo-hoo!

Intense is the word of the week, the word that describes the first meeting between you can someone so hot they’ll melt the button on your cardigan, or maybe it’s an ongoing romance that’s stepping up a gear; time to take your socks off. Settle for nothing less than breathless Virgo; fabulous.

There’s very little you can say or do about the way someone is travelling through life, it’s entirely up to them. It might not fit in with your plan Libra, so get a new one. As one door closes another ten open and maybe that’s all you need to focus on? Open doors rather than the one that’s no longer available?

With a new Moon in your relationship sky it’s time for you to focus some of your energy in generating some interest Scorps. Mercury and Uranus are also there, and this combination could bring you some surprisingly grand results for what might seem like very little effort. But do try. All to play for.

The whole world’s a critic, everyone has something to say and you’ve been nippy with the shenanigans of your fellow travellers too, I am sure of that. But sometimes you just have to take your own advice and folks like my good self have to step back and let you get on with it. Blinkers on, gallop your way.

Again, your caught between a rock and a hard place with so much going on, so many changes in your life and your love life might not be high on the list. But once more the planets have some chance encounters that could shift your priorities, distract you with a brief encounter or two. Find the time.

Mars in your new love sky is still there, still warming up the dating scene for you Aquarius, so if you’ve yet to take advantage of his energy you might want to plan a night out, or two? Unfortunately, Neptune is getting in the way; don’t be glamoured by someone who is all show and no substance.

There are whispers in the wind, softly spoken voices that could be linking you to someone looking for someone a plus one and mates could conspire to bring a blind date your way. Don’t faint at the thought of it Pisces, sometimes fate uses interfering friends to get you to where you need to be. Just saying.



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