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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 31st August)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.



Your chat up skills are tested, or is that your ability to even care? Seems you need a nudge in the right direction Aries and Venus is the planet to make it happen. Starting the week with zero interest, ending it with plenty as Venus brings a dazzling new light.

You’re happy to share your seat on the bus, happy to let a mate borrow that book but woe-betide anyone who tries to steal your chips. If you want chips, order them. I’m with you. But then someone comes along who can have as many of your chips as he or she wants. Must be love.

Venus in your house of new romance is a magical sign that love is yours for the asking. . . it’s also a sign that the front room could do with a new look? Where do you want to put your attention Gem? Fluff up your cushions or have a reason to mess them up in the first place?

It’s nothing short of a miracle that you made it out the door and fully dressed too! Of course, you want to spend more time with a new squeeze, but you have things to do, like earn a crust for example. That and dish the dirt with your besties, all waiting with cappuccino in hand. Steamy.

There’s nothing you can do about what you’ve said and to be honest you’re probably over-doing the drama on this one: imagine. Give a new love interest some credit, he or she really does know you were joking. That’s not the question. The question is do they share your sense of humour?

What you consider to be right and proper is how you run your show and why shouldn’t it be? No reason whatsoever V, and anyone who tells you that you need to drop your standards needs to go through the friendship induction programme again. Sign here.

Venus is in your sign. Still here? Did you read that? Venus, planet of love is in your very own sign and as I am sure you already know, she’s your ruling planet so good things are incoming. Hang on. Mars and Pluto are causing the ‘can I be bothered’ doubts to surface. Can you? If not don’t.

When an ex comes back into our life, or the memories perhaps, it’s not a given that you must reconnect in some way shape or form. You can if you want, but it’s more likely you’re being reminded of what you’re looking for moving forward and not back. Are they it? No? Thought not.

I have something in my pocket you might be interested in, heard that one before, so disappointed when it turned out to be an antique watch. Back to you. Someone has a shared interest or at least something you could get interested in if their attention was part of the deal? Hobby-tastic.

Sometimes it’s not easy to figure it out, not easy to read someone, are they interested or not? Your mates will tell you there is only one way to find out, and they’re right. But on this occasion, someone moves from not easy to read to in your face let’s go on a date; bet their mates told them to do that.

Sexy as a bag of coach-bolts. Is that the look you’re going for Aquarius? Could you try any harder to put someone off? Maybe you’re testing him or her, seeing if they really are that into you? Nope. You’re just not into them. Just say so, makes life easier.

With Neptune and the Sun in opposition it’s not easy for you to see where true love lies, even if you’re in the first flush of a new relationship. Give it until midweek when Mercury, relationship governor for you, moves in to enhance conversation and bring some clarity to what’s next.


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