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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 29th June)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


Deep secrets are intriguing, they make someone enigmatic, interesting and it’s only natural you want to know what’s what before you ask him or her out. Take your time, ease into the knowing before you do the asking and get your info direct from them. Gossip is not the same thing. Exciting.

Jupiter’s reversal is linking with Mars who does the same thing and you’re caught in the land of being attracted to someone but aware that he or she is the ex or mad crush of a mate or colleague. Bulls don’t do well in china shops, tread very, very carefully.

There is a natural flow to life, it’s not the same as allowing yourself to be carried along regardless, it’s watching for the signs, seeing the opportunities and moving when you know the time is right. Be in it Gem, graceful, intuitive and then gently make your move on your latest crush.

Saturn is reeling in the slack, taking up the woulda, shoulda, coulda of life and leaving you with no option but to act. He’s working with the Sun to ask you one very simple question, is this what you want or not? Love options become very clear, do or don’t do, there is no try.

Venus in your sign hold court with Jupiter in an attempt to help you feel more comfortable with someone you’ve just met, to help you settle perhaps? It’s not obligatory Leo, if you really can’t stand his or her ten cats you might want to say something and find someone who has less hair on their jumper?

A great big triangle over the water signs hails good luck, shame you’re the earthy sort. Only kidding Virgo, you have those water signs in you and one governs your long-term relationships, seeking to inform you about someone who likes the look of you. All you have to do trust and smile. Trust and smile.

You can throw a party if you like, you can throw you keys into the middle of the room and hope someone swings your way if you like but the truth of your love life has more to do with fate than anything you’re trying to force. Deep breath, he or she is heading back to you.

Part of doing a good job with the decorating is preparation, it’s hard work but well worth it. Think about your last foray into the world of dating, even the very long-term stuff, as being prepared for the loveliness to come. And it’s well worth it Scorpio.

You appear to be sitting on the fence as far as a love choice goes Sagittarius, not sure of them or not sure of yourself? Take your time, this is a time of review for many of us and when it comes to your love life doubt is all part of the process. Nothing is to be gained from rushing things.

If you just stopped and looked around you, things might be easier. It feels like hard work Capricorn, this love stuff is more complicated than you’d like right now but in truth you’re setting new boundaries and that’s as much about being without someone as it is with. Your new rules.

With Venus in your relationship sky it would appear to be a bumper season for you to find romance, right? Wrong. It’s more about finding that very special one and sorting through the dramas that having more than one or two interested parties brings. Nice problem to have.

When you want dancing swans and fountains, rose petals and unicorns on bicycles it’s hard to settle for a bag of chips and snog in the bus shelter. It may be good enough for me, but you want more but it puts pressure on a new love, a would be love perhaps? Good. Now they know what’s expected.

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