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David's Daring Dating Week beginning 25th January

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


Overseas, overheard, over it completely? Which one is it Aries? Makes no difference I suppose, at the core of any of this week’s choices for your dating life is breaking out of the norm, leaving the idle chit-chat, the same-old and mundane behind. Go on; seek brighter places and faces. 

Just once you’d like to be the reason someone breaks into the conversation, just once it should be about you and not your mate? It can be T, all you have to do is lift your head and smile. Are you hiding your light a little too much, deferring to your mates? Head up, sparkle on, results in. 

So Gem, how do you feel about picking up the phone or better still, going round there. Having a chat with the ex or your bestie, sort out those things that are still going around and around in your head and finally releasing them to make way for the good stuff? Make space for new folks, ditch the dramas.

Even though your chances of getting a hot date with a colleague are increasing, is that really the way you want to go Cancer? Go carefully, there’s likely to be other options provided by Venus and Jupiter, mainly on your commute. But still, it seems you could be smitten by your break-buddy. Consequences.

Venus is racing through your new love sky and is out by next week, so what’s to do Leo? Take full advantage of her speed dating skills and don’t hang about. If someone isn’t that interested, interesting or giving you goose-bumps make your excuses and find someone who will. Easy. Ish.

If things get serious are you ready to get serious right back or are you in it for some fun, nothing too heavy? Be direct about it Virgo, you’ve nothing to gain from being anything but. Being on the same level in this game is absolutely imperative; and if you’re not? Player two is on standby.

There’s a good reason why someone hasn’t texted you back or returned your call, nothing to worry about Libra, nothing to see, nothing to text your mates about and then worry why they haven’t returned your message. Is your phone working? It is. Folks are busy, no game playing, just life. Patience.

The most expensive day for roses and chocolates is coming up, start saving. What about a new outfit for Saturday night, that’s a dear-do and don’t get you started on dinner, coffee, feathers and chocolate dip. Let it go Scorps, if it all feels like too much of an effort he or she is not the one for you. Jammies, night in.

Let it be, let whatever you’ve said or been accused of saying go Sagittarius and use the time old technique for making things easier with new love, true love or how about it love? What’s the technique? You say this, ‘you’re right, that’s fine’ not so easy for you Sagittarius but it will work where nothing else will.

You’re still makes out at the busiest of the busy as Venus is knocking on the door to get into your sign, that will include your love life. She’s in the building from the end of this week, so what can you expect? A rise in the flirting, an increase in witty banter, a snog behind the bike sheds? Time to play.

If you’ve got something you need to share go right ahead and share it, you’ve never been one for keeping things to yourself Aquarius. Mercury is now in your sign and he has some interesting things to say, some won’t come out the way you intended but even that works for you. Yap your way to love. 

Someone is making their feelings very obvious, have been for weeks to be honest. Maybe you’re just catching up with it all Pisces, finally seeing their conversations, offers to help, seat on the bus, whatever for what it is; flirting. Oh how we will all laugh at the wedding. One step at a time P.



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