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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 24th August)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.



Dreaming of what might have been serves no purpose other than to distract you from moving forwards. Your ruler Mars is throwing himself into moving on and he suggests you do the same Aries. Venus provides an excuse for a night out with your bestie, bob on and see what’s what.

When Venus is moving through the work sector of your chart it’s an easy call to suggest a company romance, usual stuff about policy and dramas included with that one. But her association with Mars could shift things to include a colleague setting you up with his or her bestie? If you can be bothered.

Nothing is set in stone Gem, unless it’s a fossil, that’s set-in stone isn’t it? The Gemini mind will pick at anything, find a witty response even if it’s not appropriate and is only funny to you. That one smirk, that one smile, that one person who giggles while everyone else is stony faced. There love lies.

Around you buzz those who knew it, the told you so brigade, and the let’s go over things again and again types that you could do without at the moment. Set yourself free from the incessant advice and go find somewhere that makes you heart sing. Space to re-adjust required C.

Mars has halted and is about to move forward, moving back into your relationship sky. This is a good time to consider what you want to do if you’ve been caught in that on-off thing new relationships can sometimes go through. Check in with the truth Leo, the unvarnished truth.

If you’re considering another viewpoint that’s a good thing, looking at how you can deal with long-distance romance for example? The full Moon in your relationship sky is set to provide clarity, but allow yourself to be lost, to wander and explore new ideas. That way a clear path comes.

Venus is in your sign, surely that’s a good thing? It is but she’s having a shout at Pluto and that can sometimes bring on a world of soul searching, a whole load of what’s this about? Mercury helps with chatty mates and observations outside of your own perception of events. Let them guide a good love choice.

I have no idea what it is you want? How can I when you don’t tell me? Not everyone is a mind reader Scorps and unless you discuss how you feel with a new love, a true or anyone else who wants to get closer to you, how do they know where to start? Reveal yourself.

It’s not often things are as clear as this Sagittarius, but it seems a good night out could lead to romance if you go with the intention of just enjoying yourself and letting fate do the rest? In short, stop getting in your own way and let Venus and Mars do their thing.

What are you going to do when Saturn and Uranus actually put someone in your path that fits the bill, ticks all the boxes? You drew up that contract, the he/she must have list and now the universe surprises you with just that are you going to stick to it or not?

Mercury has offered you an opportunity to chat someone up, to use your talent for bright, shiny conversation to make an impression. Now he’s asking for something more. Through an early association with the Moon he’s asking you to share your feelings. Run-away now. Only kidding, stay and talk.

If you’ve got something to say, say it. If you’re looking for more, say so. If it’s someone else, go for it. If it’s me, not you, look for a better line than that because that one is so overdone. Endings and beginnings, on offer through your personal full Moon. Use it.



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