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David's Daring Dating Week beginning 15th February

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


There’s a big deal going on at work, seems like it’s all consuming, or maybe you’re letting it consume all? What does that have to do with dating? Heaps! If your energy is all about the promotion, the spreadsheets or the drama what’s left for your love life? Are you really investing in you? Just and observation.

Someone has the hot sauce for you, licking his or her fingers at the idea of meeting up for dinner at the diner and that’s right up your food-hall Taurus. All well and good, but are they more interested in the weekly specials than making you dish of the day? Easy way to find out. Ask.

You’re probably adept enough at dealing with snippy sorts, you can do that with your eyes closed Gem, but it seems you’ve let someone take things just a little too far, mistaking their smartness for flirting perhaps? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t; ask if it feels charming or annoying. There you go! 


There are some pretty big conversations going on around relationships for you Cancer, life changing in some cases. If you’ve just met someone you could be falling for them faster than you’d like, or maybe you’ve realised they’re not for you and what to do about that? Karma continues to push very big buttons.

Over the weekend the Moon and Jupiter wave across your chart, yoohoo! Like two excited teenagers they’re setting up some emotional encounters that could move you to tears. Is that a good thing? Joy Leo, it’s the joy or realising someone could be ‘the one’ or karma has gotten rid of a very bad penny.

Full Moon for you this week Virgo, your annual opportunity to shift what’s ailing you and if that’s relationship based then so much the better as both Venus and Saturn are in on the act too. Everything from taking out the trash to finally realising you’re proper ready for someone amazing. Work it! 

Next month Uranus is out of your relationship sky, he’s been there for seven years, so things could settle, seem less erratic perhaps? Then again, dating freedom has it’s benefits too? If you’ve got a few folks on your try before you buy list, now is the time to make your move Libra.

Day in, day out there you are doing your best and smiling away at anyone who gives you an extended look, saying hi to folks, laughing, flirting and generally loving the game of it all. Oh sorry, wrong ‘scope. How are things in the cave? Dusted, hoovered, door locked? Mars encourages a new one on one. Help.  


The Sun and Moon are at loggerheads this week Sagittarius, for you it may be about your work/life balance and getting it right. Encouraged by mates you could clear some restrictions on your free time and say yes to an unexpected dating opportunity. Enjoy every moment, be completely present in it. 

The Universe is being super clear about the opportunities you have, showing someone who is amazing, so what’s the problem? His ears are too low? Her eyes aren’t blue enough? You might not be perfect for them either, but still there they are, showing up. Let go of the list; step into the world of feelings.

Your chart makes me feel a little sad Aquarius. I can see the hurt, see what’s not gone well but it has gone and that’s what’s important. You may just need a little more time to fully feel the freedom to move on, but you’re getting there so why not sit this one out. Take the pressure off? 

Now that the Sun is in your sign, Happy Birthday by the way, your annual relationship full Moon is moving in too. It’s on Tuesday of this week Pisces and so you’re asked to close one door and open another. If you’ve recently started dating someone you may feel unexpectedly optimistic about it all. Good.



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