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David's Daring Dating 5th January

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.



First full week of a new year, what are you aiming to change? If your love life is high on the list the presence of your ruler Mars in your own sign may drive you towards a new passion. Venus suggest that he or she is driving towards you; well-travelled sorts appeal. 


There’s not a lot you can do about the apathy of others, friends who can’t be bothered in the main, but there’s plenty you can do to avoid slipping into a left-over chocolate and sofa fest. Nobody wants to play Taurus, so find new folks who do. Sign up for the get out and about club.  

Venus and Jupiter now in your relationship sky bode well for some new love interest to sweep you off your feet! First you might want to be super-clear on what this love-sweep looks like? He or she grows more real the more you give him or her your attention. Think them into being!

If you know someone who has a bestie who knows someone who knows someone who knows the someone you’re trying to get close to, why not go for it? Too complicated? You think? Truth is, love is closer than you think Cancer; you may even work with him or her? 

It feels odd being back at work, right? You’d rather be doing the same routine as this time last week, the one where you had some fun and then did all again the next day. Venus and Jupiter think that way too, so maybe the old routine isn’t the same anymore? Allow time for fun, Venus has a date to line up.

The power of so many planets in your social sky has a lot more to do than find you someone to play with, but do you care? You do, but really Virgo this is your dating stars so I say va-va-va-voom! Things are ramped up and you need to make the most.

Your ruler Venus moves into the part of your chart that deals with conversations, chatting people up perhaps? She’s got some tales to tell or is that she wants to create some tales to tell? Either way, share the love Libra; it’s what you’re good at. Hello Sailor.

The closeness of Uranus to your one on one relationship sky could affect a lot of relationships and as time moves on, you’ll know which ones are going and which ones are staying. For now, it’s about setting out your stall; what do you want from love Scorpio? Spend time pondering it as only you can.

Where’s the love? You’re playing host to Venus from the 7th so surely folks will be falling over themselves to get to you? Hang on Sagittarius, not all at once, the danger of gluttony is always present! Over indulge now and you might miss the most delicious nibble later.

If you’re considering someone’s offer of a night out, ask just how excited about them you really are? You wouldn’t have to think about it if he or she was your dream date? Pause, listen to your intuition Capricorn and act on it; immediately. You already know. 

What isn’t going to work for you is the old ‘my mate fancies you line’ you’re looking for someone who is independent, sorted and a go-getter so why not behave like one yourself and cut out the emissary approach. Do your own asking, no matter how much your punching above your weight.

I find it difficult to understand why you’re single, I know right! You’re fabulous and right now Neptune is turning up the romantic vibe in your own sign? Ah, hang on, been waiting for someone to come back from holiday, travelling or some other forced separation. He or she is back! Bob on. 



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