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Love Horoscopes (week beginning 15th August)



This week, after many moons, Venus finally catches up with Mars in their chase round the zodiac. Mars, the symbol of lusty libidos and also our macho alpha man in mythic astrology, sneakily wants to be thoroughly seduced and wooed into submission. (Like most men). Well, now's your chance to do the same. However, I recommend that the more Venus-like you are, (i.e. the seductive vamp, kitted up in stilettos or whatever, of his dreams) the more likely he'll be falling at your feet and generally bending over backwards. Hey, steady on with those heels. 



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Love Horoscopes (week beginning 8th August)



With a fiery new moon in Leo, the emphasis this week is on being the best of one-self and respecting the fact you do have an ego, whatever anyone says to the contrary. Sometimes we're roped into believing that we mustn't be ego-centred by the very people who in their apparently self-sacrificing way, are actually fueling their own egotistic needs by becoming saints, martyrs or saviours.  So this week, find a balance between giving and taking, loving and hating, coming and going. Find a balance between 'me in here' and 'you out there' and discover that wherever you go, or whoever you try to become, you can never escape yourself. Then respect that self.

Read more: Love Horoscopes (week beginning 8th August)

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