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What should be your resolution this Astrological New Year?

 Find out what you’re REALLY capable of achieving with your sign in 2019 with the start of the Astrological New Year on 20th March

 By Claire Petulengro


Your determined nature turns any dream into a reality in 2019. If you think you can you will. Dream big my friend.

Taureans love beautiful places and people. Rethink where you live. For many of your sign, the location surprises even you!

2019 cements the good things in your life. If somethings making you unhappy, you now get rid of what isn’t working.

New ventures make life more exciting. Watch out you’re not taking chances in love that will threaten all you’ve built up.

Don’t be lured by false promises. Ask for proof of what’s being offered. You have standards. Keep them!

The decisions you make shock close ones but please you. This year you have the confidence to carry out what you want. Do it!

Don’t let over emotions, push you into saying things you don’t mean. Love sees you making your biggest change so far.

Your career house is highlighted. You finally get paid what you’re worth. Don’t let new faces talk you into taking less.



I don’t usually encourage you to take gambles. Now you can! Your instincts are great. Act on your whims. Adventure awaits.

You reach your crossroads in 2019. Just make sure the path you choose is right for you, not just what others advise!

You won’t be the shy one in the corner this year! You’re visiting somewhere that’s always been on your dream travel list.

You’re cleaning up your act and taking control. You’ve just realised this year you want to be happy more often than you’re sad!

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