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Rhianne has always had a fascination for all things mystical and magical, add to that a little practicality and what you’ve got is a powerful combination of tools and tips to help people.

Rhianne is of Romany Descent and is a natural born medium following in the footsteps of both her mother and father. It could be said that Rhianne’s path in life was somewhat ‘written in the stars’!

She was naturally drawn to the Tarot in her early years and during the years after she focused on developing skills in many other areas including Astrology where she worked with famous Astrologer Russell Grant.

Over the last 25 years, Rhianne has been featured in magazines, been a guest on local radio and her work has been showcased in the following publications:
Take a Break Fate & Fortune
Chat it’s fate
Cleveland Radio
Resident Medium at Newcastle Castle - Castle Keep
Hull Daily Mail
Tyne and Wear Chronicle