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I love her - will she ever love me?

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 Dear Astrology Room

My Birthdate is 8 / 12/ 1987. Born in India 

I am in love with a girl her Birthdate is 28/5/1992. She never shown any interest in me. We were friends but due to some issues we fought. Now things are normal but we hardly talk. Do you think she will ever love to me?


 Hello my lovely Sagittarian friend,

I'm not surprised you have feelings towrads a Gemini, they have such a spirit about them, that your interest when they entered your life, will have moved away from all you knew and will have become obsessed with the colour and drama they inject into all they touch.

For a Gemini to be romantically interested in you, it will be important that you show them you and not a version of you that you have created to impress them! Think about it my friend, when we meet people, we can't help but be who we are, but it's when we get to feel inferior to others, or we seek ways to impress them, that we start to change to how we think they want us to be and this seems to have been somewhat of a pattern for you over the last five years.

The arguments you seem to have had appear to have been an issue of a mountain being made out of a molehill and this shows me that maybe she does not take you as seriously as you would like.

This seems to be someone who wants what they can't have and this game playing is not worthy of your loving sign. Time is on your side, so slow down and make them work to impress you, so that if you do decide to let them back into your heart, they have to make an effort to do so. September seems to be your strongest month for reversing this situation and heading down a romantic route, but this also involves a new face I see who seems to hold more long term appeal.

The choice is yours, decide with care and remember your self respect. It's what your sign is known for!
I'll be waiting for your update!

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