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Will love change my life for the better?

{jcomments off}Dear Astrology Room

I have been pining for my ex for quite some time now. It has been a couple years now. I think I'm finally ready to move on. I find myself attracted to emotionally unavailable men. I am a Virgo, and most of the men are of the Saggitarious/Scorpio variety like my father and my ex. Will i find someone to love ?




Dear Judy

We are often attracted to men who resemble, or we identify with, our father - whether for better or worse :-)  Likewise men often marry women who are like their mothers. (I don't like generalising but I shall for now.) This is simply because the image or blueprint of the ideal male, imprinted in our soul, is searched for outside of of us from the moment of our birth, and we see it first glimpsed in the eyes of our father, (after all his own soul has been at one time part of the world soul as has yours) followed by other men who match a similar blueprint as you encounter men throughout your life. The ones that 'spark' the flame, resonate to the ideal image. Your fascination for 'unavailable' men - and I'm assuming you mean they're freedom loving, or commitment phobes etc..... is perhaps a signal that you need to unlock your own inner free spirit.

We often fall in love with the very qualities that we have not acknowledged or owned within ourselves. Of couse, you can't turn into a Sagittarian overnight, unless you have the moon, Ascendant or another planet in Sagittarius......but the Virgo pathway is often one littered with break-ups or mismatches, simply because Virgo needs more than anything to learn to accept people for their faults, their need for freedom or their need to do their own thing. Virgo tends to want to wrap people up and put them in a box, and the more you try to do that with a Saggy or a Scorpio (although a Scorpio tends to want commitment but just doesn't trust anyone enough to give it) the more they'll run for the hills.

You will find someone to love, but you need to love yourself first, which I don't think you've been doing - the pining for an ex is over and you've admitted that you're ready to move on. Love will find you, if you love you first. Neptune's move in Pisces is going to give you the chance to cast away your illusions, to see that all those emotionally unavailable men are actually just a reflection of yourself, and to free yourself from those chains of seeing men as a 'variety'.  Each is an individual, every Sagittarius is like no other, and every Scorpio has a heart, every Virgo has a soul, neither you nor they are varieties like tomatoes in a supermarket :-)





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