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Virgo woman/Capricorn man-will we end up together?

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Dear Astrology Room

I am a Virgo 15/9/64 who is nuts about a Capricorn 2/1/74 we are just good friends but I feel a positive connection between us as we are quite affectionate towards each other verbally, will we end up together as a couple? He is currently feeling very low in mood so I'm giving him some space!


Hello Miss Virgo

You describe yourself as nutty, but you are far from being someone who lives their life in dissary. In fact, many of your sign are so orderly, they have even planned out their weddings before they've met the person they want to marry!

The reason you are friends with this man, is that he is born under the same element as you! An earth sign needs someone who is going to be loyal and who is going to plan a long term future with them. He and many other Capricorns, had a really tough start to the year, so this is a man who is nursing some pretty serious emotional wounds. I predict that in time, he will see that they were not wounds, but life lessons, which will fade as time goes by.

You should know as an earth sign yourself, how important it is to feel affection from others, and so my advice is that it's time to leave some really big clues, which can give him the green light to take your verbal flirting into physical.

I would also suggest with a sign such as him, letting him open up in his own time about what has gone on. I think he's flying on the emotions of something which time will heal. The fact you are friends already gives you an excellent base for this more intimate path you will follow.

You my lovely Virgo, also have to start to find some self esteem, as what went on two years ago in your life has led to low self esteem and it's time to believe in you again. When relationships start as friendships with two signs such as yours, there is nowhere to go but up, especially with the humour you can find in ANY situation. Go girl!

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