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Trust & Wait or Move On?

Dear Astrology Room


I am a Pisces, born 25/02/59 having an affair with a Leo, born 02/08/73. I have had 2 marriages that lasted quite a few years (13 & 7) and then never had any kind of relationship for 12 years as totally un-confident.


He 'chased' me for 7 years before I agreed to go out with him. He insists we will be together end of this year once he has sorted things out with his marriage. I love him and we have a wonderful relationship. I still suffer from lack of self esteem but I am becoming more confident since our relationship started. Do I trust him and wait or move on and try to find someone who is available





Dear Rebecca


Thank you for your letter. Without complete birth details (i.e. times and places) it is hard for me to say whether you can trust this man or not. However, at first glance this is a fascinating attraction, highly dynamic and of course, age differences aside, very different values, desires and dreams. Fire and Water are eternally attracted to each other because of these very differences. And yes, Leo traditionally is a loyal and true sign, but if he's not being loyal and true to his current wife, then why do you think he's being loyal and true to you?


There is a rather unstable, erratic side to his nature, a side which can indicate that he is capable of changing his mind or even promising the earth and never giving it. But, if you are happy with him, if he makes you feel good about yourself, and if you have renewed self-esteem, then perhaps it is appropriate that this guy is in your life right now, even if it's not a 'forever happy ever after scenario'. Perhaps rather than worry about what might be, or what he says will be, enjoy the time you have with him but don't put any faith in you 'being together.' If he can't live up to his long-term plan, then you may lose six more months or so of partner-finding time, but quite frankly, most potential partners are rarely available or they have huge amounts of baggage they carry with them as you know.


So if you love him, and he loves you, and you can believe that he loves you - i.e. does he show it, does he say it, does he let you into his life at all - do you know where he lives, his family set-up, his greatest failings, his greatest longings and so on.....then stay with this man until the end of the year, the time he's promised you'll be together, and see what happens. He's about to be forty, a time when Uranus says, make up, break up or wake up -  only he knows which he really wants to do.  If you're not together by then, move on.


Take care and best wishes



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