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I'm turning 30!

{jcomments off}Dear Astrology Room

I am a Leo born 5th August 1982, in the morning, i think. I am about to turn 30 and feel i have wasted my 20s in dead end jobs when i long to do something more creative – i have a degree in fine art.


I keep applying for creative jobs with no luck. Also. i am in a relationship with another Leo (3rd August 1974) and would like to know if you see a happy creative future for us.


Thank you so much




Dear Vicky

Thanks for your letter. You're going to do well creatively in the near future, as the planets will be changing their course in your favour over the next six months. It might not as soon as you'd like, but there is some very positive energy coming your way at the end of this year, so hold on in there!


As for your relationship with a fellow Leo, your charts are very compatible in other ways as you also both have moon in Aquarius, so you have a great affinity. You may even feel you are like twins, so it's just a question of hanging on in there until the energy is good for you both around the end of November. Then you will have a superb future together and also a creative one. But you have to act on your desires.


If you really want to make use of your creative talents, then stop the dead end jobs and start using your talent. I don't know what your talent is, because I don't have your birth details, but with a little planning and self-belief it's about taking a risk, taking a big round of applause for yourself and just pushing yourself forward. No-one else can do it for you, not even the stars. But the stars are you, as you are the stars. Time to shine in the sky as they do.


All the best, and many blessings




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