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Fighting the restlessness

{jcomments off}Dear Astrology Room

I’ve been following your site for over a year, I particularly find Sarah’s and Claire’s predictions pretty accurate, or maybe I just fit the stereotype of the common Libra? I am looking for some advice, and hope you can give me some clarity.

The thing is, I have a good life, I am at peace at home, have a pretty good job, etc. yet I get this feeling of being bored every so often, especially with work, I will design the projects requested by the company’s clients, delegate tasks, explain how to go about completing them, etc. and up to that part it is fine, but the supervising and follow up bores me. My mother says that my job may not thrill me but it does not bother me and I think that is a pretty close description as to how I feel about it. So I’ve been planning to go back into academia, I think that would suit me better, but I still haven’t received an answer on that, and I don’t know if that lack of response is the universe’s way of telling me to stick with what I got or testing my patience? I crave some excitement, I long to see some of the faces I left behind, but I do not know whether I’ll be able to achieve those dreams or if I should be content with what I have now? Will this feeling of restlessness stop? Is there some hope for change? My birthday is on September 30, 1984 and I was born at 2:40 p.m. I hope you can give me some advice. Thank you in advance


Kind regards


Dear Mariel

Librans always do try to weigh up all the options, often driving themselves crazy in the process.  I know that you have had a lot happen to you in life and part of you is a little tired and could just do with a break from all the learning and all the pressures which are around you. Do you know what you need my friend? A break! It seems that you haven't taken any time out to do simply nothing but look at what you want to look at when you want to look at it. My advice according to your chart would be that you should plan a holiday which must happen within the next three months to enable you to save and organise it properly but not too far away that you worry about it and change your mind. Send me a postcard. I just know you're going to have a good time


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