May 23, 2019 Last Updated 12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2019

Blame Saturn?

{jcomments off}Dear Astrology Room

I've temporarily given up on finding my "One". Saturn currently sits upon my fourth house, which is also my moon sign!! I've had a few promising beginnings in the last couple of years, only to see them fade for no apparent reason. And yes, I sold my home this year, best thing I ever did...But now living with a man who I know is not the One, until I possibly relocate after this Saturn transit. Is Saturn the Bad Guy in the way of my wished for partnership? Is relocating from big city to very small town a good idea? DOB June 29, 1963.



Dear Valery

I am want you to finish it before, not after, Saturn has finished teaching his lesson. If you wait until after it will be too late. Don't blame the planets but use them to help you. You've done the bravest thing for a Cancerian to do, which is admit when something is not working rather than grin and bear it. Now get out there and find your perfect partner. He's waiting for you!!!


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