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The Never Ending Relationship

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I have been in a relationship with a man (DOB 03/03/69) for nearly 5 years. My DOB is 01/20/67 (Capricorn). We have had many many ups and downs and split and not talked for as much as 8 months at a time but somehow we always get back together. Our latest split occurred in December 2010 and then he just showed up out of the blue in July.

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Alone Again

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I am a 47 yr old Pisces with a Scorpio Moon and Taurus Rising who once again, finds herself alone with no love/mate prospects. We think the ideal is to fall in love, get married or live together and at the very least, have Someone who is always there for us, has our back and is walking this journey with us.

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Lost confidence and clarity

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Claire, your forecasts are so accurate that I had to ask you. I am a Gemini sun with a Leo rising and Taurus Moon. I recently appeared for an important career exam but failed (3rd attempt) and now will have to retake all my exams from the start.

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Flirting or not flirting?

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I basically stumbled upon this site and was wondering if you could give me some answers. I'm a Scorpio born on the 31st Oct 1990. i have been through the army and didn't do quite well in my studies. I'm currently working at a restaurant and I'm going to start studying again next year. i have a girlfriend, she is a Leo (5th August).

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Maybe Leo, Maybe not

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I was born on 21.8.1966, so my birth certificate says. I was adopted as a baby and have information regarding biological family history. However, I have often wondered if this date is correct as I find that the stars relating to both Virgo & Leo seem to apply to me & not just those of Leo.

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