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The Tarot Bible

The Tarot Bible by our own Sarah Bartlett is now available in our online shop.



Sarah says:

"My book, the Tarot Bible, published by Godsfield Press, is already a worldwide best-seller and has been translated into over ten languages.

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Tarot and Astrology an introduction

The magical order, the Golden Dawn, linked the twenty two cards of the tarot’s major arcana with the planets and signs used by astrologers. If you already know something about astrological symbolism and meanings these links can be a useful way to deepen your understanding. These links are widely used in interpretations of modern tarot, but if you’re just beginning to study tarot you don’t need to study astrology as well. Simply be aware that these cross connections exist, and explore them when, and if, you feel it is appropriate.  The keywords shown here relate to the meaning of the card, a fusion of planetary symbolism and tarot interpretation.

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