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Jane's Cosmic Weather Horoscope - October 2017

Cosmic Weather Horoscope:

October 2017 by Jane Lyle

Thought for October:

“After the keen still days of September, the October sun filled the world with mellow warmth...The maple tree in front of the doorstep burned like a gigantic red torch. The oaks along the roadway glowed yellow and bronze. The fields stretched like a carpet of jewels, emerald and topaz and garnet. Everywhere she walked the color shouted and sang around her...In October any wonderful unexpected thing might be possible.”


- Elizabeth George Speare, ‘The Witch of Blackbird Pond’ 

The wonderful and the unexpected are waiting for us in October. But, inevitably, we’ll be challenged and tested too.

One of October’s questions asks ‘what’s the difference between what I think I deserve, and what I’ve earned?’ It’s a question that applies to all areas of life, not just money. Where we find imbalances, we can make changes, take responsibility, and try to come up with something fresh and new.

October opens with the last days of the exciting and revolutionary Jupiter opposition Uranus that’s coloured 2017 with a rainbow of possibilities. Some of them are still just tiny seeds at this point. And October closes with hard-working Saturn co-operating with eccentric Uranus once more – a symbolic opportunity to bring cutting edge ideas or imaginative changes into solid reality. This, too, has been a key 2017 theme. It’s up to us to use this to our advantage though – Saturn always demands patience and effort, and sometimes reveals what needs to end so that we can enter a new phase. There’s no such thing as a free lunch when Saturn comes calling…..

Favourable times to move things along this month begin with the passionate conjunction of mythic lovers Venus and Mars in Virgo on the 5th-6th October. Venus and Mars begin a new relationship cycle, and so can we! More autumn relationship focus comes when Venus enters her home sign, Libra (14th) and Mars follows (22nd).

Then we might like to take advantage of the Sun and Saturn’s constructive meeting on Monday, 16th October – especially if projects we’re working on connect with what started in September.

And between the 23rd – 26th there’s an intense burst of expansive energy when the Sun aligns with Jupiter, newly in Scorpio. Money, sex, and the unconscious mind are all highlighted - with Jupiter asking us to learn, widen our horizons, and question our philosophies at this time. A Sun-Jupiter conjunction is a potent and often fortunate time for new beginnings.

Some lively, sensitive degrees to look out for in your own natal horoscope this month are:

*Jupiter in Libra opposition Uranus in Aries: 27 – 29 degrees between 1st – 10th October.

*Saturn in Sagittarius, 22 – 24 degrees, trine Uranus in Aries, 27- 26 degrees during October. This dynamic fiery partnership is exact on 11th November at 25 degrees.

*Venus is conjunct Mars in Virgo, 18-19 degrees on 5th-6th October.

*Sun in Libra sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius, 23 degrees on 16th October. Constructive.

*Sun in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio, 3 degrees. Their exact alliance happens on 26th October, but is pulsing away, intensely, from Monday, 23rd October. 

Image: ‘Indian Canoe’ (c.1886) by Albert Bierstadt via Blanton Museum of Art, Wikimedia Commons, PD



Sunday 1st October – Saturday 7th October:

Earthly Powers:  Venus and Mars embrace in Virgo

The earthy embrace of those archetypal lovers, Venus and Mars, begins a new Venus-Mars cycle. It’s visible astrology in our pre-dawn October skies. Make love, not war is the message here - well, we can always hope…..

When receptive, magnetic Venus unites with active Mars there are some seductive opportunities around. Virgo can be a very sexy sign, it’s just fastidious and discerning – so random hook-ups aren’t really very satisfying. We want more than that.

Passion and romance are highlighted – sex and relationships are likely to occupy our thoughts. New relationships begin with a whoosh of energy.

This conjunction sees Venus and Mars linked with Pluto – it’s an earthy, potent, and serious combination. Maybe there’ll be a surge of interest in sexual healing - kundalini yoga, or seeking Tantric sexual bliss could be very appealing to some of us at this time. 

Sometimes a Venus-Mars conjunction can trigger endings. If a relationship isn’t working out, that becomes more obvious. This October both Venus and Mars will soon meet Saturn, another sign that some unions have reached their natural conclusion either in our personal lives, or at work.

Ten lovely Venus-Mars possibilities to explore:

Artistic, creative projects




Interior design and decorating


Alternative health practices

Beauty treatments with a healing, or medical flavour
Anything requiring wit, elegance, and style

Financially, this Venus-Mars conjunction favours success but Virgo demands prudence, balance, and scrutiny. 

Here’s the astrology:

Venus and Mars are exactly conjunct at 18 degrees Virgo on 5th October

On 1st – 2nd October Mars in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn, 17 degrees

On 2nd – 3rd October Venus in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn, 17 degrees



Thursday 5th October:

Full Harvest Moon rises at 12 degrees of Aries, the Ram

It’s a rather busy time in the starry firmament – and here comes an impulsive, fiery full Moon to stir it up a bit more. It’s feisty, it’s hasty, and it brings certain situations right out into the open. There’s more in the Moon Diary.

Image: ‘Full Moon at Takanawa No. 9’, Hiroshige, early 1830’s via Brooklyn Museum/Wikimedia Commons. PD

Friday 6th October – Wednesday 11th October:

An October Storm Warning

While it seems as if the world is always full of mayhem, there are times when astrology’s planet patterns flag up periods of extra tension. This is one of those times – out in the world, and often in our own lives and psyches too.

Between 6th – 10th October the Sun in strategic Libra squares up to powerful Pluto in Capricorn, planet of all that’s bubbling and boiling beneath the surface. Now, this happens twice a year, every year. But it does ratchet up the tension, stir up power plays and ploys, and above all it’s not a great time to insist that might makes right. Sooner or later someone will have to find a diplomatic way out, back down, or wriggle out of a locked room somehow.

And this time there’s more. During this phase, warrior Mars in Virgo is travelling towards squaring up to Saturn in Sagittarius. Their exact face-off is on 11th October at 23 degrees of those signs – but the days beforehand are often very tense.

Mars is about action and desire, while Saturn is about solidity, tradition, and restrictions. They don’t have much common ground, and when they irritate each other like this it tends to foster an accident-prone, angry, all-round difficult and aggressive atmosphere. In Virgo and Sagittarius it’s got a distinctly scorched earth feel about it, and suggests that travel – from small, everyday journeys to longer trips – will require special focus and care.

Basic astrological advice at this time is to drive very carefully, avoid sharp objects, and try to keep your temper or avoid anyone who’s spoiling for a fight. These spiky aspects may not connect with your own natal horoscope, but they’ll be rubbing someone near you up the wrong way – so just keep a low profile and take it easy. 



Tuesday 10th October:

Glorious Gothic - Jupiter enters Scorpio

Jupiter expands. Mostly, this is good news – optimism, abundance, and the desire to learn and explore are all Jupiter’s general concern.

In astrology, bountiful Jupiter rules travel and foreigners, religion, sport, the law, publishing, studying, gambling, and feeling good. The whole thing about luck and good fortune that’s associated with the transits of Jupiter is born from its generous, upbeat energy. If you’re open-minded and positive, you’ll likely attract helpful people or recognise lucky opportunities when they come along. Certainly, while Jupiter aspects can be very beneficial, they cannot bring anything more than a cheerful (or greedy) mood if we don’t choose to work with what’s on offer.

Here in secretive, watery Scorpio until November 2018, Jupiter expands and explores what’s hidden away in the locked rooms of Scorpio’s house. One of the areas in focus is ‘other people’s money’ – including legacies, insurance pay-outs, investments and initiatives such as crowd-funding. This can be a favourable time to improve personal finances, or get the financial support you need for a project. Many financial events and trends will relate to Jupiter’s realms in some way – sport, religion, law, travel, gambling, and so on. 

Scorpio also presides over sex and death – so real intimacy and deep emotions of both joy and sorrow are emphasised during the next twelve months. Our ideas and philosophies around sex, death, and money will be open for much-needed discussion.

If Jupiter in Scorpio’s journey touches our natal horoscope we may get a bit obsessive or intense about sex, death, and other people’s money. Jupiter can trigger the urge to over-do, waste energy, and tends to only see the vastly bigger picture. Is the devil in the details? Probably, the answer is yes.

Out in the world there could be more scrutiny of the sex trade, particularly secretive people-smuggling operations and hidden horrors. Sex tourism will also be highlighted in the news, and perhaps the thorny issue of the mass tourism industry in general.

Secretive financial affairs may come to light when Jupiter connects with Pluto in money-orientated Capricorn during 2018.

Jupiter in Scorpio also favours exploring and studying the paranormal, mysterious hidden histories, and all things witchy and woo-woo. This bewitching theme should really take off when Jupiter links with Neptune in Pisces in November and December – and onwards into 2018. And by the way, Jupiter in Scorpio has not made this flowing aspect with Neptune in Pisces since the 19th century. It’s special.

Jupiter in Scorpio is not for the faint-hearted, the commitment-phobic, or the lazy.
But it invites us to experience new emotional depths in our relationships, following on from Jupiter in Libra’s rather cooler, and simpler, desire for partnerships.

Jupiter was last in Scorpio between October 25th, 2005 and 24th November, 2006. Maybe this was a meaningful time for you? If so, dig into your archives and you’ll discover some themes that are likely to resonate once more in your life during the months ahead. 

Image: ‘Nymphs Bathing’ by Antonio Munoz Degrain (1840-1924) via Wikimedia Commons



Thursday 19th October:

The New Moon rises in Libra, the Scales, at 26 degrees

A new Moon signals new beginnings. This month, they’ll connect with changes, innovations, relationships or alliances that we’ve been pondering since the spring. And yet many of us will still be surprised by what emerges.

This new Moon also marks the beginning of Diwali, the annual sacred Indian festival of lights that continues until 22nd October. Diwali celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, and good over evil. That’s something to celebrate whatever your personal beliefs…so Happy Diwali!

There’s more in the Moon Diary.



Tuesday, 31st October:

Our Halloween astrology brings some intense, watery – and therefore profoundly emotional – energies.

The Sun in mysterious, psychic Scorpio is joined by Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio, with the Moon travelling through mystical, intuitive Pisces until tomorrow morning.

Boundaries are shifting and melting like candle wax now, and in the weeks ahead. And that, of course, includes the boundaries between the realms of the living and the dead, the everyday world and the supernatural……Happy Halloween!

Image: Costumes from the Schembart Carnival, Nuremberg, Germany (1590) via UCLA Digital Library, PD


Image: ‘For Ways that are dark and tricks that are vain, watch out!’
Vintage Halloween Greetings card, PD



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