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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - March 2017

Dark Stars March 2017 by Jane Lyle

Are you any good at dancing backwards in high heels? March offers you a chance to practice such fancy skills.  You’ll realise that reviewing certain decisions would be a smart move, and with Venus rewinding in Aries it’s an ideal time to hit the pause button  - love, friendships, financial arrangements, and creative projects can all benefit. Just ask questions, and don’t stress if answers don’t pop up immediately. There’s much crackling, fiery energy around, no need to fan those flames! Some of you are dealing with quite dramatic or unexpected developments, while others are secretly wishing that other people were a bit more dynamic. Once Mars enters the down-to-earth sign of Taurus (10th) you can gradually make some practical plans about money, or get more involved with something you really value – such as a neighbourhood project or fund-raising effort. Your own new Moon on 28th could be a potent time for thinking fresh thoughts and celebrating a new season – inside and out.

Mars, planet of action and desire, enters Taurus on 10th March for the first time since 2015. Your natural energy is boosted all over the place, building up to an alluring peak between 23rd and 28th March. At that time your subconscious is exceptionally fertile and eager to sprout its seeds of intuition, imagination, and erotic energy. Phew. Just remember that much remains unclear, hidden, or in transition in your world this spring. Your lovely ruler, Venus, is travelling backwards in Aries this month. You may experience delays financially, or struggle to make the kind of progress you’d hoped for with a romantic relationship or creative dream. The thing to remember is that, irritating as it may seem, this isn’t the right time for full steam ahead. Better to focus on living well, taking care of yourself and those you love. Why not relish the time to reflect on what you want, and maybe ask yourself why, exactly, you want it? Certain curious and positive people or situations from your past will add flavour to this spring-time magic potion. Savour quiet pleasures, and bide your time.

March begins with a beguiling blast of news, information, and seductive possible maybes in the first week. Your sympathy for others is heightened, your ability to tune in to the world around you is particularly intense. Filter and store all this in your inner library – and see what crops up around the time of the full Moon on the 12th before you race off towards new places, people, or commitments. Other people are more than likely to have different ideas and agendas, and you’ll need to accommodate them - or at least talk about various options before you nail anything down.  Meanwhile, a past friendship or love affair is making you think. Perhaps you’ll revive an old romantic passion, or there’s a chance to get involved again with a project or job you’d left behind. Exploring possibilities feels right. You’re unlikely to get definite answers until May, so drawing on your natural flexibility should serve you very well during March and April. Go Zen, and you won’t go far wrong.

You’ve been dealing with what’s known as the ‘work-life balance’ thing since forever it seems. And you do know that all work and no play is a rubbish way to live your life. Yet it’s been difficult for most of you to figure out a way through the thorny thickets of commitments, family demands, and self-imposed ideals. So hoorah for March, which offers you an excellent chance to re-evaluate life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. You’re likely to meet some very interesting characters, have some thought-provoking conversations – or even receive an unlikely offer of work involving a career change or a very different location. Your essential nature means you dislike sudden changes, but you’re getting used to the idea that you’re not totally in control of events, let alone partners or colleagues. This can only be a good thing, and frees you up to focus on your all-important inner values and goals. Life takes a more romantic, artistic turn in April so why not be good to yourself now, and prepare for a special spring?

Fiery energy is whooshing through your horoscope, lighting up your desire to have adventures, stretch your mind, or see more of your friends and neighbours. Be prepared for all manner of ideas to tumble around in your mind this month. Keep hold of any that seem particularly appealing, but don’t stress if you can’t make things happen immediately. With Venus in reverse, some of these sparkly gems will return to you from the past – and this can include love as well as neglected talents. Mars in Taurus energises your life direction and dreams between now and April 21st – watch out for what captures your imagination towards the end of March. It’s also worth bearing in mind that you’re entering a new phase in May, one where you’ll be opening up to new directions, people, and making the most of what you’ve experienced and learned so far in your life. Which is, most assuredly, more than you might think. You’re still absorbing what was revealed in February, and need to learn more this month. So do stay positive, and you can be a magnet for many good things.

You have a wonderful way of dealing with others, particularly people who need your  help. This makes it easier for you to deal with what’s coming up this month, since other people will be calling the tune personally and professionally. What arose at the end of February has an impact on how you handle your cash, and your love life too. One way or another, you’ll need to compromise, and learn to balance with confidence on life’s tightrope. Around the time of your annual full Moon on the 12th is when things are likely to surface, and deep conversations can move things on for you. You may have been under some kind of illusion, but once you realise what’s what you’ll be able to shake off the spell and make fresh plans. Take it easy on the financial front, and resist extravagance or unusual investments. Above all, resist loaning money - unless you’re willing to see it as a gift. Love, affection and money are quite tangled up at the moment, and it can be too easy to get yourself into situations that cause long-term resentment. Use your analytical abilities and all will be well.

Libra is the sign of partnerships, and current celestial activity is making you very aware of your need for partners at work, and in your personal life. You may find yourself being pursued with hot-headed passion, or find thoughts of someone from the past drifting across your inner screen. With lovely Venus in reverse until mid-April the past does indeed have an important role to play in your life over the next two months. Perhaps you’ve unfinished business? Do consider your finances as well – are you owed any money? Is there something valuable in a forgotten drawer? It’s a positive time to review and reorganise. If current partners are driving you mad, or behaving erratically, grit your teeth and cultivate patience if you can. As for old flames and old colleagues, you could just bump into someone by apparent chance – and then it’s up to you where you take things. Just take it easy, and keep an open mind. Chances are you won’t see the full picture until May.

Your well-being is in major focus this spring. Some of this is probably about the usual suspects – nutrition, exercise, and relaxation. But your inner world is also worth some tender loving care, and feeding your imagination or fine-tuning your intuition pays off in many positive ways during March and April. In some corner of your life you need to plug into yourself, take a break, and play around with a few ideas or possibilities. Groups of friends can inspire you around the time of the full Moon on the 12th, and new projects or activities can flourish if you open up a bit and talk to people. Partners are keen to have your attention too – whether that’s at home, or at work. But try your best not to let them take all your time and energy. What’s cooking now will be simmering away for a while, but when May rolls around you’ll begin a new phase in your career – or discover new hopes and dreams for the future.

Is there something you used to enjoy, or a special skill you used to be proud of? Perhaps you’ve been so focused on everyday life and your commitments and responsibilities you’ve almost forgotten what that might be? Practical Saturn in Sagittarius does tend to make you concentrate on serious stuff. This month, though, your generous ruling planet, Jupiter, is energising shared projects, fun, social life and romance. Jupiter and Uranus, planet of surprises, create a lively atmosphere all month long. And a roaring cosmic fire is glowing away in your solar house of love, creativity, gambling and children. If you’ve neglected any of these areas of life, now’s the perfect time to relax a little and explore some of those roads less trodden in your current life. Look out for the return of old friends or lovers too – if you’ve been wondering what happened to them, you could be about to find out and start a whole new chapter in your relationships.

Home and family always matter to you, and at the moment the planets are writing those words in great big capital letters all over your horoscope. Some of you will have experienced a few unexpected twists and turns recently – anything from a burst pipe, a family drama, or the reappearance of a long-lost relative could have shaken up the smooth rhythms of everyday routine. So perhaps its time to think about changing your routines, or questioning the way you think about things? Some interesting possibilities arise in your working life too, especially those linked to past jobs, contacts, or old hopes and dreams. You can return to the past, but benefit from using all you’ve learned over the past few years. It’s an excellent time to renegotiate, too. Don’t stress if progress seems slow - your legendary patience will come in handy this spring. Just know that progress is being made, and good results will come in the end.

Some fascinating information is coming your way – plus the opportunity to take an unusual trip or unexpected holiday. Yes, things are finally moving in your life, as doors and windows fly open to let in the new season. Do be discreet about what you learn from a friend or colleague though – and try your best not to put anything in writing that you wouldn’t want everybody to read. Similarly, be ultra-cautious when confiding in others. Sensitive information has a way of leaking out all over the place, and if something’s a secret then don’t be tempted to share it with more than one trustworthy person. As things change, you may begin to feel restless or curious about the future. Stay centred, and see what crops up now, and during April. What you’ve already achieved is poised to have a positive impact on your life this spring. By the summer, you’ll see that all your efforts in a relationship or working partnership are bearing luscious fruit.

A helpful question to ask yourself now is ‘what’s happened since last September?’. And if events or achievements seem elusive, why not explore what’s come up for you in your dreams, your relationships, or simply your way of thinking about yourself? March planets have much to say to you about your own values, your earnings, and your self-confidence. If changes have been out of your control, or you’ve felt as if others aren’t telling you everything, it’s time to put those worries to one side and see the bigger picture. Eventually, all will be revealed. You’re dealing with a changed world, and finding your way forward. But don’t ignore the lessons of the past, or the helpful and supportive people who’ve believed in you. There are treasures to be found as well as life lessons – and your past adventures and relationships can have a fabulously fateful part to play in your life this spring. Believe in yourself!

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