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Jane Lyle's Dark Stars Horoscopes - January 2017

Dark Stars: January 2017 by Jane Lyle

You’re on an exciting new year adventure, as you stand on the brink of a dynamic few months. So if you sense hidden things, don’t waste your precious energy on feeling frustrated because you can’t figure out what’s what. January offers you an opportunity to pause, and take a closer look at what happened in November and December. If you happen to be involved in secret professional negotiations, or have a clandestine crush, there’s even more reason to breathe in, breathe out. Just say to yourself, ‘more haste, less speed’. Eventually, you’ll find out what any rivals or hidden opponents are really getting up to behind your back. You might also discover hidden corners of your own inner self, your skills or neglected talents. January’s powerful full Moon (12th) brings much to a head, but it’s preparing you for February’s whoosh of Aries vitality. Be good to yourself this month, and remember there’s no need to push too hard. In a few weeks’ time when life speeds up you’ll be glad to have plenty of energy.

Things spiritual, creative, imaginative or healing have magnetic qualities for you this month. And other people’s company is a vital element here, so why not embrace opportunities for sharing, or get involved with a neighbourhood project? Researching and communicating are key themes too, whether you’re reading an amazing book, or you decide to join a class or sign up for a course. Some of you can open up to love and friendship by travelling, and actually this doesn’t have to mean big trips or exotic locations. Any new area or day out can stimulate you and your imagination. Come February, your ruler – Venus – will be spending months in Aries, and your well-being, work, and daily routines will be in focus. So now’s your chance to experiment with whatever takes your fancy, or think about what you’d like to do in 2017. A more responsible, ambitious or decisive phase unfolds come the spring. For now, flexibility and freedom beckon – relax, you can nail things down later on.

2016 was a memorable year for many Geminis, bringing a major turning point, or new responsibilities and aims. But you’re not alone. Your friends and colleagues play a big role in your life this month. And as you survey the months ahead, you’ll welcome their support and opinions too. Some of you may even find a soul mate – either a romantic partner, or a like-minded individual who encourages your creativity and enjoys your sparky, inventive qualities. Connections like this can benefit you financially by offering you a way to generate more income through a partnership or alliance. Slowly does it though. This year your ruler, Mercury, invites you to review your creativity and earnings, imagination, and security. Yes, you can find ways to blend practicality with inspiration, even if the down-to-earth challenges you face sometimes seem more like obstacles in your path. February’s Pisces eclipse is building up now, offering a shake-up for your direction and dreams. Gather your allies, cement your friendships, and step out into a stimulating 2017.

Everything’s up for review it seems, but not much surprises you. So whether your main focus is your home and family, your career, or your relationship, you already know that yes, a change is gonna come. For some Cancerians, this is already the case. Hanging on is one of your key traits, yet it can cause hidden stress as you worry silently about what’s next – perhaps particularly around the time of your own full Moon on 12th January. So three cheers for Venus and Mars in soothing Pisces this month. They offer you a beautiful source of spiritual and romantic inspiration. You’ll see that, amidst the tension, there are ways of making deeper, more meaningful connections with the ones you love. And if someone encourages you to take a break, or get more rest, why not listen to them? You’re brilliant at caring for others, but how about caring a little more for your own wellbeing? Recent eventful years have brought you much to be proud of, so there’s no need to feel like a slacker. You’ve achieved far more than you may realise yet. And there’s more success to come.

If you managed to have any clearly defined thoughts over the holidays, congratulations! If not, you may now be in a position to acknowledge your own restless feelings, and begin to get a sense of where these might lead you in 2017. One of your main themes this year is finding a way to blend something established or known with something innovative and fresh. With this energy you can reinvent an established relationship, or make a stunningly creative swerve on your career path. Talking with friends and neighbours can also be inspiring. Joining a class or group of some kind is equally fertile ground – whether you’re looking for love, or seeking a sense of direction. A phase of study or travel between now and June energises your spirit, and encourages you to become more self-expressive and creative. So whatever you decide, just know you’re on a journey that could bring unusual rewards this year. Keep on exploring, and by June you’ll be ready for the big reveal.

Many of you had a most dynamic, yet confusing, 2016. And as January begins, you should be in a position to see whether or not you want to carry on with a job or relationship that brought you sleepless nights and many inner debates. If you feel you’ve been misled in some way, there’s no need to sit quietly and stay silent. You can challenge situations that irk you. If you’ve been feeling fearful about losing out, or scared of change, Venus and Mars in Pisces are here to reassure you that things are unfolding in the right way. Those who know you well can help you too. They can foster your intuitive side, and once you tune into that you’ll get a strong sense of what you really want – which could differ from what you think you ought to want. Old messages from your past about what you’re capable of may be positive or negative, and now it’s time to decide for yourself. Your ruler, Mercury, has a big 2017 message for you – and this is to get to grips with practicalities and reality while allowing your imagination to flow more freely than before.

January 12th’s full Moon in Cancer is a potent one. It stirs up questions about your direction, your dreams and your hopes. It may help you escape from thinking too much about your home and your roots – for although there’s plenty to sort out, your wellbeing depends on seeing the bigger horizons too. Taking some time for yourself, however small those moments may be, pays big dividends. Currently, Saturn supports your practical side, while Jupiter is expanding your confidence (and maybe your waistline too!). If you’re searching for love, or creative inspiration, then finding clarity this January helps you move forwards too. A new Moon on 28th January signals a lively new chapter for relationships, professional associations, and the birth of ideas or news about children. Concentrate! In February your lovely ruler, Venus, enters Aries. Venus stays in your opposite sign until early June (with a little Pisces diversion in April). Your connections play a vital role in your life throughout this phase. Making positive moves this January will benefit you enormously during the next six months.

A shimmering shoal of planets in Pisces stirs your intuition and imagination this month. Venus, Mars, and mystical Neptune will blur boundaries and have the potential to dissolve any old and negative ways of seeing yourself and your innate talents and skills. You could be feeling very romantic, too. But you’ll also have several opportunities to be more realistic or practical about what’s holding you back. Certain things will become clear between the 15th-21st – during this time you may have to pare back, let something go, or be exceptionally level-headed about your life. In a way, the planetary patterns seem to be preparing you for later on in 2017 when significant changes to your aims and aspirations put you on a new path. You’ll begin to sense what those might be now, as the energy of February’s eclipses begins to build. You can expect high points and culminations between now and August, as what looks a lot like destiny takes a hand in your affairs.

This is the final year of Saturn in your sign. And while its stern, serious vibe is not exactly compatible with your fiery free spirit, you can benefit from those hard-working, structured influences too. Saturn’s current productive link with your ruler, Jupiter, brings good fortune down to earth and means long-lasting success if you just take things step-by-step, and pay attention to details. That, in a nutshell, is your biggest challenge. Just remember, beautiful big dreams aren’t ruined by making them real. They may change once outside your fertile imagination, but you’ll relish the sense of achievement in the end. You probably already know what must be sacrificed, for certain changes accompanied September’s Virgo eclipse and you’re reminded of those now. Whether you’re shuffling things around in your career, or contemplating changes at home, your intuition can guide you towards the right solutions. A highly romantic and creative phase from February to June is enhanced by making yourself focus on what you need right now. Being realistic won’t limit you in the end.

There’s a powerful full Moon in Cancer on 12th January, and it brings much to a head in your life. You may feel a deep need for change, but it could be hard to identify what it is exactly you’d like to alter. Over the coming months, some Capricorns will focus on home and family while others will direct considerable drive and energy into achieving their ambitions. Just remember, you’re not alone in the world and sometimes the needs, actions, or interventions of others can create changes you weren’t expecting. Artistic, compassionate people are around you this month, encouraging your softer, more spiritual or romantic side. Your sign may be symbolised by the determined goat, but that goat happens to have a fish’s tail. This means that part of you responds to music, mystical beauty, and the mysterious unknown. It’s that part of you that’s craving your attention now. You could discover all manner of amazing things if you can loosen your grip just a very little.

Your eccentric, electric ruler, Uranus, turned direct at the end of December. Since August 2016 you’ve had a phase of reviewing things, and can now begin to move forwards. However, many of you may miss that energising feeling of New Year momentum until 28th January, when a sparky new Moon in Aquarius begins the Chinese Year of the Rooster, and gives you a glowing green light to get on with your plans. Until then, you could be distracted by financial concerns, or find that everyone wants a big, fat slice of your time and attention. Yet underneath, you realise that you want to communicate with others in a new way now. And this is the year to do it.  You might want to expand your skills through study, go travelling, or try a fresh approach to writing, teaching, or talking to groups. Whatever you choose, these things bring expansion and fortunate contacts – particularly between February and May. Take your time, and see what the cosmic selection box has to offer before you make your choice.

Your mood is emotional and sensitive as 2017 begins. Perhaps you’re feeling incredibly romantic, or perhaps your psychic antennae are picking up on the many shifts and changes in the world around you. Do remember, there’s an eclipse in Pisces in February and it is already beckoning you, and hinting of big changes to come in 2017. Magnetic Venus and feisty Mars are travelling through your sign this January, gifting you with extra gorgeousness should you need it. You can so easily impress, seduce, persuade or inspire others if you want to now. This could be a lot of fun, but don’t be tempted to scatter too much precious fairy dust around. 2017 brings responsibility and opportunity in ways you couldn’t have imagined during the confusions and frustrations of 2016. If you can move on from what’s not working out, you’ll be able to revive valuable old projects or relationships – and leave behind anything or anyone that’s holding you back.



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