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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 6th July)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.

Shifting sands put Venus out of her current party mood and into something a little more serious, out of looking around the beach to working out if that new person at work is single or not? Not. The goddess of love looks to your professional life for an introduction.

Uranus is itching for some love action and as Venus moves into your new love sky he’s interacting with the goddess of love, but are her choices up to scratch? Give it a few days T, make no rash decisions or commitments until you’ve seen all the possibilities, some are surprising to say the least.

You can’t start a conversation with an insult, not everyone will find it funny. Or maybe you should and those who are too po-faced to find it funny will be weeded out early on and you can find someone you get along with. Po-faced doesn’t suit you, funny faces do.

I can tell you that someone isn’t looking too happy about the way a new relationship is going, is that you or is it one of your mates who’s boring you to tears with their he said this, she said that routine? All designed to help you finally figure out what you’re really looking for. And seeing it.

You have Venus in your sign until Monday when she’s leaving for fresh fields. Until then you should take advantage and get to work on the herd, thinning out those who don’t make the cut for you Leo, and then what? Really? You need to ask? I don’t think you do.

As you’re making up for lost time with someone who’s returned, become available again perhaps, you’re determined not to be so slow on the uptake. Good for you Virgo, but don’t be so full on he or she has no time to heal from their last love foray. They may be playing catch up, but they will get there.

Are you going to take things seriously or are you going to flick your hair and flirt a little more? Flick your hair. Well done you. Just know that Mr or Miss lover-lover is looking for someone who can commit not just flirt and give them the run-around. Just saying.

Whilst stopping short at an out and out blind date, your mates are making sure you and someone who’s a friend of a friend get to meet each other, somehow, they will achieve it. The joy is you’re both aware of it, at least that’s something you have in common? Good start.

What you’re seeing in someone’s eyes is dust, they have a little something right there, not sure what it is but it’s causing him or her to wink. So? Be it a bit of dust or some open invitation to flirt it’s your in. No matter how weak your excuse, get over there and start the conversation.

Oh it’s hot, it is hot, so hot, hot it is. Yep, it’s hot, we get it. Do you have anything other than the weather in your repertoire Capricorn? How about an analysis of the mating rituals of the Patagonian Mara? Is anyone interested? Sheila from catering, Tom from design? It may be their thing. Effort required.

Venus is out of your relationship sky, she’s had enough and wants to look at the list of possible candidates without further to do. Enough with the smiling and waving, time to let us all see who you’ve decided is good enough to get through to the next round. Make a list.

A partial solar eclipse in your new love sky won’t leave you out Pisces. It is likely to leave you wondering, wondering why you didn’t notice someone before or why you’ve waiting so long to say hi? It’s like you’ve woken up, a kiss from a prince or princess perhaps? Fairy tale ending?


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