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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 3rd August)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


The top of this week sees Venus in your relationship sky, a move that brings you closer to connecting with someone who can respond to you in a new way, one where he or she isn’t afraid to speak up and isn’t afraid to cuddle up. Yes!

Uranus reverses this week so you’re in for some surprises, is that a good thing? If it’s about your love life it could be. A chance to shake things up and actually do something about the attention of that admirer of yours, something more than smile. Spontaneous flirting ends very well.

Around you are forces of admiration, which may be for your work, your dreamy hair or your ability to spin ten plates at once. But at the core of it is the sort that brings love into the life of singletons, just smile and wave Gemini; smile and wave.

You have had your chance to talk someone into a night out, a coffee or a casual snog behind the shed; what have to you done with it? If you’ve been brave things go from good to great, if you’ve been shy you have until Tuesday to change all that.

When is the best time to tell someone how you feel? There is not perfect moment that’s predictable Leo, it’s all down to listening to your love fairy and acting when it pushes you forward. Intuition in action, the very best sort of perfect timing.

Get yourself out of the cost and into the rewards, out of the how much you need to invest in a relationship and what it pays back. Early days require your full investment, be it time or emotional unfolding it’s needed for good results.
Your ruler Venus is in your sign from Tuesday, surely that’s a good thing? It is Libra, but before you go rushing into anything consider what you truly want from your love life? A recent or ongoing separation has show the don’t want, now fill in what you do.

When you’re parting your feelings from your logic, your don’t need that anymore from your habitual calling back of an ex; anything that takes you into delaying new romance. That. Let go of it Scorpio, no more excuses for avoiding what could be true romance.

In a world of social media it’s supposed to be easier than ever to meet someone, so what are you waiting for? They don’t look like their photo, they could be dodgy, they might not like box sets and duvet days? You’re right, so you ctrl-alt-delete and move on. Game on.

There are those who are very stiff upper lip, very elbows off the table and if you’re lucky you might find one. Only kidding, others assume you want a rule maker and a stickler for what’s proper, but do you? Surprise your mates, surprise yourself. Not your type is your type.

It’s a hard life, you’ve got work to do, a crust to earn and things you need to sort out for other people, where’s time for you? You can create it Aquarius and to help you a mate could suggest a holiday; sun, sea and see what pops up. Good idea.

If you’re holding out for a hero you may need to hang on a bit longer as he or she is taking a few weeks off. Right now you’re more likely to find someone who needs you to save them, but is that what you want? Go easy Pisces, be strong enough to say no.



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