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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 2nd February)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.



You’re no stranger to the game, it’s not your first rodeo, but someone is giving you the run around. That only serves to make him or her more interesting to you Aries, but is that a good thing? There’s really no way of telling, other than running around after them and seeing what happens when you eventually catch up. Or they let you catch them more likely?

What you can’t see is the effort, the planning and the layers of body hugging elasticated underwear that goes into the way someone is presenting themselves, but then again, you’re not supposed to. What you’re supposed to see is wow! He or she is working it, and it’s all for your attention. Maybe show a little appreciation; you think?

If a new squeeze is offering you the chance to review where you’re at, take it, listen to his or her assessment of the relationship and then give your state of the union address. No fake news thought Gem, tell it how you really see it and if that comes with some tough words, see it as a chance to clear the air for that’s exactly what it is.

When you’re in the mood for some TLC who do you turn to? Is it your bestie, do you have a partner, maybe it’s the cat or how about a tub of funky-clunky ice-cream? An observant sort has noticed you’re a bit off and may offer nothing more than the extra coin you need for hideous machine-made coffee, but they’ noticed. Notice the noticey-sort.

It’s pretty full on in your relationship sky and now that Mars is in your new love sky too it’s Hubba-Hubba time! Playing it cool is good, too cool may not work, and what definitely won’t work is letting someone know how lucky they’d be to date you! Find the right temperature Leo, turn up the heat gradually and he or she won’t be able to resist. Is it hot in here?

Girls just want to have fun, boys too, and that’s a good thing. No matter whether you’re looking for the love of your life or someone who loves life with no expectations this week could bring a happy, shiny face your way. Smiley may not be your preference on your daily commute, but for this face you’ll make an exception. Eye contact on public transport? Your outrageous!

When you have the chance to work with a lovely Venus you should do your best, especially as she’s leaving your new love sky next week! Take what she has to offer, the social invitations, the flirting, the hi when you least expect and flirt right back Libra. One week, from the 10th she’s rearranging your work schedules. Just saying.

What is going on with your love life Scorps? It’s on, it’s off, it’s bit meh and then it’s not what you were looking for, really miss him or her and isn’t it great to be on your own. Right there! That’s what’s not happening. Focus. In order to help you find what you’re looking for, first be clear about what you’re looking for. Take a breath, take a chair, a coffee and donut. Whatever.

Mars is moving closer to zapping Uranus into life, so it might be time to get off your complacency and see what you can do to bring some life back to your ardour. Eat more greens. Or maybe it’s saying yes to those last-minute invitations, that sometimes-annoying change of plans or general ways you can shake up your routines. Meet more people.

Setting yourself free of the judgements of others isn’t something you need to deal with Capricorn, to be blunt about you don’t care what they think, that’s not a cavalier disregard for folks, it’s just the truth. That straightforward approach is what someone likes about you, really likes and he or she will be telling you that. A compliment holds more than you think.

Venus is in your sign for another week, then she’s off to look at what you’ve been spending your money on. If you’re looking for romance, clearly having Venus in your sign is a good thing Aquarius, she turns up the glamour for sure and with next week’s new Moon in your sign maybe it could be a glamorous night out with someone new?

Sacred thing a relationship, we don’t stop to acknowledge that sometimes, but it’s a position of great trust to be in a relationship with someone and when it doesn’t work out, there’s a lot to process. This week may be about processing the old to make way for the new, taking a walk someone lovely, spending time saying farewell to the old to make way for the new?



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