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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 22nd June)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.


As your ruler Mars reverses it’s just too easy to go back, back and finish that arguments, back and say it’s okay let’s keep going, back to your old haunts where everyone knows you name and your history. Go forwards, Venus helps with a new face, way more fun than any of the old ones.

It’s no you, it’s me. I know, it’s the oldest excuse in the book but to be honest it’s a convenience that saves you going into all the reasons why, saves you time. So here’s to those who make it easy Taurus; on towards a new face who seems to have travelled far to meet you?

Nobody cares if you’ve got the facts right, they’re just enjoying the story and surely that’s enough? Maybe for now Gemini, but what happens when the facts police catch you up? Spin a tail by all means, but make it true as fake news won’t do your dating hopes much good long-term. 

Thinking of yourself again are you? Imagine that. Imagine putting your wants and needs to the fore, surely it’s what your mates want to do, what a new love needs and not you? Bit over it Cancer? Snap you claws, true love is give and take; take and take isn’t working for you.

I can see why you’d think someone has no option but to love you, to worship the very ground you walk on; you’re fabulous. But hang on Leo, let them come to that conclusion on their own, dial it down a notch; they’ve seen you and that’s enough.

The Moon is full at the end of this week, full in the part of your chart that looks towards new romance. So that’s it then, game over? Was there a game on? The full Moon could bring a final decision, to have that date or to call it quits. Make it.

What aren’t you sharing with your mates? They want to know all about the first date, the second date, basically the full Love Island run down. Not all that happy about sharing? Wow! You must be serious. No date? Someone is returning for a second run.

What could you do to encourage someone to say hi, to move a little closer to smile perhaps? How about doing any of those three things yourself? Do the unexpected Scorpio, shock them into noticing you and follow up with an invitation to know you more. Shake it up.

You can’t always do things the way you’d like, sometimes money is a restraint; sometimes it’s time. But this week it seems you’re well up for a grand gesture and you’re sure it’s going to win you the heart of someone new. It will, but where do you from there? Start small.

A full Moon in your own sign brings matters of your relationships to the fore. If it’s a new romance that needs one of those ‘where are we’ chats then don’t shy away from it Capricorn. Your heart is creeping down your sleeve, that conversation could move you into the next phase.

With Mars reversing in your sign you’re suddenly not so sure, about a lot of things, but if love is up there on the list know that Venus in your relationship sky is reminding you what you’re looking for in a partner. Time to tick the positive and discuss the not so much. Balance.

Mercury and Neptune have upped the romantic chat vibe and even if it’s not clear if you’re the one dishing it out or pulling up a beanbag whilst someone waxes lyrical, it’s romantic chat and that’s good enough. The flirtometer is set to high, but not for long. Use it.



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