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David's Daring Dating (week beginning 18th May)

Category: Love Scopes

David Wells' love horoscopes. Just in time for Friday night.



The time for talking is over Aries, you should be thinking about taking some action as the flirt-o-meter is dangerously high on the turn this thing into friendship scale. Nothing wrong with another friend on the list, but is that what you set out to achieve? Tick-tock.

As soon as you’ve seen someone has had the cheek to make the moves on someone you like the look of you’re motivated and ready for action. A little competition will do that. The best way to remove the competition? Don’t let it develop in the first place.

As Venus leaves your sign on Saturday she’s off to look at how you pay your bills and who you could ask for more cash. Happily, the Sun is with you from Monday and you’re centre of attention as birthday celebrations begin. Still got it, attention that is. Use it, use it like you should have used Venus last week.

As this week begins your boss, the Moon, is in you sign and having a falling out with Pluto and Mars who are pretty intense right now, asking you to be aware of just how deep you can fall and with Jupiter’s influence you could fall quickly. And? I think it’s called passion. Give in.

There are some whispers around, voices that are telling you some news about an ex or maybe someone who has returned from their travels, recently single or have emerged from their cave perhaps? Don’t look too keen, but don’t dilly-dally either. Love future comes from the past.

We all have moments when we could have kept our mouth shut and things would have been easier, a dignified silence is always a good idea. Not you Virgo, but someone who has dug a great big hole and is now panicking thinking they have messed it up with you forever. Have they? Put their mind at ease.

As Venus reaches the top of your chart she’s indicating someone older, perhaps an esteemed member of society or even a superstar could be about to enter your life. Best change your vest. The reality is usually someone who makes their interest in you so obvious you can’t miss them. Either or.

We all know what a secret squirrel you can be, how you interact with others depends on your mood and whether or not there’s chocolate. But this week you may be feeling more gregarious, up for some travel and going out-out. That will not harm your love life at all. Out-out.

Did I see you under the clock on the high street, waiting for a date by the looks of things? Did he or she turn up? Judging by recent astro you may have been let down a bit Sagittarius, but try seeing that as a favour, a time saver even. Better comes along. Sharpish.

As much time as you like, take it all Capricorn but there is a caveat with it. If you’re expecting someone to hang about whilst you consider what it is you do or don’t want, keep them informed of your feelings; all of them. Work it out together.

If you’ve got something you need to say, say it now. There’s still chatty and flirty energy around by the start of this week puts a bit of a rush on those who have been dancing around each other for too long. Keep your promises realistic, any falsehoods are quickly uncovered.

Neptune and Jupiter are sending love notes to each other and with the Moon the messenger early this week it looks as if you’re in one of your most romantic phases in a while. There may be no knights or princesses, but there could be a happy ever after.



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