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What Famous People Share Your Moon Sign?

clemantine-moon.jpg You can check out famous people’s Moon signs for fun. But you might be inspired, horrified, or intrigued by discovering who shares your own Moon sign!

If you need to know what your lunar sign is, use our free Moon sign calculator or get your horoscope cast by a professional astrologer.



aries-glyph.gifMoon in Aries

Keywords:  Fiery, impulsive emotions

Edgar Allen Poe: famous for his gothic horror novels such as The Raven, and The Fall of the House of Usher

Henry VIII of England: his wives, his passions, his battles…..some obvious Aries Moon characteristics shine out across the centuries

Isadora Duncan: impulsive, inventive dancer with a passion for freedom

Salvador Dali: great and eccentric Surrealist artist

Whitney Houston: singer

Jennifer Lopez: singer, actor

Kevin Spacey: actor, director

taurus-glyph.gifMoon in Taurus

Keywords: Romantic, musical, philanthropic, yet down-to-earth

Prince Charles

Hans Christian Andersen: author and collector of fairy tales

Florence Nightingale : perhaps the most celebrated nurse of them all

Bob Dylan: legendary musician, song writer, and poet

Cameron Diaz: actor and comedienne

Elton John: musician, song writer

Matt Dillon: actor

gemini-glyph.gifMoon in Gemini

Keywords:  Searches for novelty, charming, yet changeable

Sigmund Freud, psychologist and visionary creator of a system of psychoanalysis.

Queen Victoria

Andy Warhol: artist and film maker

Christopher Wren: architect famous for numerous works including St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

Kylie Minogue: actor, singer, pop princess

cancer-glyph.gifMoon in Cancer

Keywords:  Volatile passions, but sharp business acumen

Franklin D Roosevelt: President of the USA

Jesse James: anti-hero and Wild West outlaw

Courtenay Love: musician, celebrity

Sean Penn: actor

Drew Barrymore: child star, actor

Clint Eastwood: actor, director

leo-glyph.gifMoon in Leo

Keywords: Idealistic until proved wrong, loving, loyal

Queen Elizabeth II

Oscar Wilde: author, playwright, poet, and dandy

Gypsy Rose Lee: pioneering burlesque dancer and entertainer

Tom Cruise: actor, director

Julia Roberts: actor

Rene Zellweger: actor

virgo-glyph.gifMoon in Virgo

Keywords: Quick-witted, conscientious, helpful to others

Courtenay Cox: actor

Madonna:  singer, dancer, actor, celebrity

Princess Anne

Marlene Deitrich: actor, singer, entertainer, vintage movie star

Lyndon B. Johnson: President of the USA

libra-glyph.gifMoon in Libra

Keywords: Charming, with a steel core

Alfred Hitchcock: film director famous for such movie classics as Psycho, The Birds, and Vertigo

Walt Disney: artist and film maker, creator of 20th century icons such as Mickey Mouse.

J.S. Bach: composer

Frederick Chopin: composer

Leonardo di Caprio: actor

Kate Winslet: actor

Nicolas Cage: actor

scorpio-glyph.gifMoon in Scorpio

Keywords:  Secretive, sensitive, craves challenges

John F. Kennedy: President of the USA

Joseph Stalin: Russian dictator

Charlie Chaplin: iconic movie comedian, director, and actor

Steven Speilberg: director

Bjork: musician, song writer

Avril Lavigne: musician

sagittarius-glyph.gifMoon in Sagittarius

Keywords: Spiritual, imaginative, friendly and sexy

Charles Dickens: prolific Victorian author

Wolfgang Mozart: composer

Pablo Picasso: artist, sculptor

Albert Einstein:  physicist

Vincent van Gogh: artist

Oprah Winfrey: chat show diva

Jennifer Aniston: actor

capricorn-glyph.gifMoon in Capricorn

Keywords:  Hard working, stoical, strong yet subdued emotions

George Washington: President of the USA

Napoleon Bonaparte: Emperor of France

Ludwig von Beethoven: composer

Gregori Rasputin: charismatic Russian priest, healer, mystic and murder victim

Johnny Depp: actor

Ozzy Osbourne: musician, celebrity

Brad Pitt: actor, director

aquarius-glyph.gifMoon in Aquarius

Keywords: Driven to challenge rules, enjoys quirky relationships

Arthur Conan Doyle: prolific author most famous as the creator of Sherlock Holmes, the most enduring fictional detective ever

Charles Manson: cult leader and murderer

Richard Nixon, President of the USA

George Clooney: actor, director

Britney Spears: singer

Russell Crowe: actor

pisces-glyph.gifMoon in Pisces

Keywords:  Intuitive, creative, self-sacrificing, fantasy-prone

Leonardo da Vinci: artist, inventor, visionary, genius

Hugh Hefner: publisher of Playboy magazine

Martin Luther King: Civil Rights leader and visionary

Elvis Presley: singer, actor, sex symbol

Winona Ryder: actor

Michael Jackson: singer, celebrity

Michelangelo: Renaissance artist




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