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Peter's Career Horoscopes (week beginning 6th November)

Your career horoscope for the week commencing 6th November by Peter Watson.

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20
All of a sudden you will begin to wonder about the true worth of a contract, deal or arrangement that you have allowed to take care of itself for quite some time.  A connection between Venus and Jupiter is shaking things up in terms of joint finances, property or a partnership matter.  As well as wanting to see proof that something in which you’ve invested time and effort and possibly money is paying off you’ll also be in the mood to be a little bit more daring when it comes to your cash or other resources.  And that’s fine provided you don’t let Jupiter convince you that it’s a good time to ignore the usual rules when it comes to gambling on something that has a rather poor reputation.  Don’t do it.  You’ll be disappointed.   

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21
Let your instincts help you decide how to manage a situation which should enable you to create or produce something worthwhile with the help of a colleague or companion.  Some other people watching from the sidelines might try to tell you that you’ll be wasting your time if you go ahead.  But Uranus is joining forces with Saturn.  And the combination of these two cosmic forces will help you see that it’s time to be guided by your sixth sense and not by the rather negative opinions of those around you.  After all, with Saturn involved you’re highly likely to have in the back of your mind some subtle but effective ways of making sure that you won’t be taking such an enormous risk that an unhappy ending is inevitable.  It most certainly is not.   

GEMINI May 22 - Jun 21
Some of the people around you might balk at the idea of knuckling down to a lot of hard work.  Or perhaps they’re meant to catch up with a back-log of onerous tasks and duties which they simply find dull and boring.  Whichever the case may be, you’ll feel obliged to persuade them that there’s a lot to be said for doing what’s expected of them.  And the fact that Venus is now making its way through a very hard-working and conscientious section of your chart suggests that you’ll put across your positive thinking and pragmatic approach very successfully to those involved.  All of which is fine provided you are sure that the people concerned really will reap worthwhile benefits from doing what you’re suggesting.  You cannot be seen to be selling them a pup.

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 23
Initially you might feel anxious when you contemplate taking on a potentially rewarding challenge, a piece of work or a rather daring venture. You may begin to wonder whether you’d enjoy it all rather more if you weren’t having to go it alone, without the kind of support and back-up you’re used to.  You’re perhaps under-estimating the caring nature of certain people who like to help you in the same way that you help and support them when it’s required of you.  Saturn and Uranus are about to join forces and as they do so you’ll see that very close by there are one or two individuals who will make quite sure that you have all the back-up and reassurance you need in order to feel safe and secure about whatever you’re pursuing. 

LEO Jul 24 - Aug 23
Tap into creative thoughts and ideas that should prove very useful within an area of your work or a particular interest of yours.  It will be a relief for you to realise that you won’t have to go about things in a very orthodox and rather dull way.  You are being aided and abetted by the way in which Neptune is squaring up to Mercury and insisting that you dare to break with certain conventions.  And, yes, this will create a certain amount of controversy when some other people get the gist of what you’re doing.  But you’ll just have to stand your ground.  Provided you feel good about the new and different approach you’re taking to the area in question you must forge ahead without worrying about other people’s views or opinions. 

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23
Try not to panic when you realise that you’re expected to fulfil a number of obligations in your work, or in your dealings in the wider world, as well as in and around the home.  Yes, there probably is quite a lot being lined up for you to take care of but remember you are efficient and hard-working.  And Uranus forming a positive link with Saturn should make it even easier for you to multi-task and to make absolutely sure that every challenge that comes your way can be dealt with expertly and successfully.  You just may have to let people know that you won’t be in the mood to sit around chatting or whiling away the time over the next few days.  You’ll be extremely busy.  And you should enjoy every minute of it. 
LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23
For some time you you’ve no doubt promised yourself that you would get to grips with some financial, work-related, legal or property issues which, although not serious, do deserve some of your attention.  Perhaps you haven’t found the energy or enthusiasm to attend to whatever’s craving input from you.  Or it’s possible that you’ve simply had far more urgent or important things to think about.  This week, however, as you feel the impact of Venus moving into Scorpio, it will suddenly occur to you that there is an enormous amount to be gained by concentrating on the issue or issues that you’ve been neglecting.  And once you get into that frame of mind you’ll decide that nothing can stop you from doing what needs to be done.  The pay-off could be huge. 

SCORPIO Oct 24 - Nov 22
On one hand you’ll want to deal with money-related or work matters in a very structured and efficient way.  And this has a lot to do with Saturn travelling through one of the financial or business sections of your chart.  On the other hand you’ll feel inclined to bring excitement and pizzazz into much of what you’re doing.  And this is connected to the impact that Uranus is having in an extremely conscientious section of your chart.  As a result of Saturn and Uranus forming a link with one another at the weekend you should enjoy finding the right mix of productiveness and creativity with which you can prove to those around you that you can be relied on to come up with something exciting but also safe and secure. 

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21
The realisation that someone needs to organise a financial or work-related arrangement rather cleverly is not likely to cause you a problem.  You’ll simply assume that you’re the best person for the job and that there’s little point in expecting anybody else to want to take responsibility for it.  However, you’re perhaps reckoning without the effects of a run-in between Pluto and Mercury.  It’s one that will bring about a certain amount of upset or resentment when certain individuals start wondering whether you are trying to run the whole show.  And  unless you really do want to have some kind of monopoly on what gets done you might be wise to step back and leave the other people involved to do the heavy lifting.  You’ve done quite enough, haven’t you?

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20
It would be good if you could avoid letting sentiment seep into an arrangement which does require you to be quite steely and determined if you are to bring about the outcomes you want.  With Mars occupying a very potent and influential sector of your chart you should be well-equipped to take on something fairly major.  But you have to remember that you’ll be challenged by the way in which Mars is at right angles to the Moon mid-week.  As a result, it might be quite hard for you to focus entirely on the practicalities with which you’re involved.  In fact, there are aspects of a personal relationship that could be hovering in the back of your mind.  And you must refuse, point blank, to let them colour your judgement on whatever you’re trying to do.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19
No-one should doubt the fact that you intend to do well within territory which contains a lot of challenges for you.  However Venus allied to Jupiter at the highest point of your chart does imply that you’ll want to break all previous records and outsmart any other rivals.  And you must ask yourself whether you really need to be so competitive that it all becomes a piece of very serious business.  If you can refuse to let Jupiter persuade you to inflate a relatively small and simple matter into something rather huge you’ll enjoy the whole thing a great deal more.  It would be better for you to be working with or alongside the other people interested in this particular area rather than oppose them or treat them as bitter enemies.  They’re anything but. 

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20
Shyness might come between you and the chance to prove yourself in a fairly impressive area.  So think carefully before turning down the invitation to speak, perform or play a part in a venture that could bring huge benefits to whoever is involved.  True, you are up against a run-in between Mercury and Neptune which could leave you doubting your judgement when it comes to the way in which a particular piece of work should be handled.  While Neptune will encourage you to be at your most creative and inventive, Mercury will bring to your attention the negative thoughts and feelings of one or two people around you – and perhaps even of yourself.  And you must try to ignore them.  Such opportunities might not come around again for a very long time. 


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