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Peter's Career Horoscopes (week beginning 2nd October)

Your career horoscope for the week beginning 2nd October by Peter Watson

ARIES   Mar 21 - Apr 20
Not only will you feel more confident than usual as you approach a rather mundane area of responsibility, you will also have a sense that those in authority might be singling you out for something pretty special.  True, powerful Pluto is co-operating with Venus to help you see that the harder you work, the greater will be your rewards.  But there’s more to it than that.  You’re also beginning to realise that you’ve been underselling yourself in one or two very challenging areas.  And it is now time to let the world see what you can really do.  This time round, when you make a really good impression on certain individuals, you’ll need to feel that they genuinely understand you and your way of operating and that they’re not just paying you lip service.

TAURUS  Apr 21 – May 21
No-one could suggest that you haven’t been coming up with some good ideas with regard to your everyday work or the way in which you take care of some complex situations.  But, even so, there will be one or two individuals who want to take you down a peg or two.  And this will feel hostile and unfriendly as far as you’re concerned, especially as you’re being impacted by Mercury clashing with Pluto.  What you mustn’t do is start to find fault with your skills, resources and your success so far.  Instead, you need to look these people in the eye and make it clear that you intend to keep going and achieve even better results than usual from this point on.  Remember, if anyone can do it, you can. 

GEMINI   May 22 - Jun 21
Neptune is forming a sharp link with Uranus at a time when you’re surrounded by those who like things to be done in the same old way, time and again.  Of course Uranus does have a habit of encouraging you to spring a few surprises on people and force them to look at things differently.  On this occasion, however, with Neptune involved, your hope of encouraging others to be more outgoing and daring will seem to be more of a fantasy than reality.   For some reason the individuals concerned may not  want to forsake the known and familiar in favour of the new and unconventional.  Don’t push them into doing anything they don’t want to do.  Just give it time.  Before long they’ll see what they’re in danger of sacrificing because of their own small-mindedness.  

CANCER   Jun 22 - Jul 23
On more than one occasion you have no doubt felt pretty sure that you could make a success of something extremely ambitious.  For some reason you’ve lacked the courage to make a start or you’ve been too busy elsewhere to allow yourself the opportunity to prove yourself within a challenging new area.  Rest assured that this is all likely to change over the next few days and it has a lot to do with the fact that there’s a Full Moon in Aries which means it’s having a direct impact on the most visible and decisive point in your chart.  As a result, people will be watching the progress you make and, provided you’re getting it right, they’ll wish you well and encourage you to work even harder.  And that’s just what you need.

LEO   Jul 24 - Aug 23 
With Mars colluding with Venus in one of the money-related sections of your chart you might start to feel very sure of your ground when negotiations are called for with regard to earnings, investments, assets and resources.  Venus of course will be reminding you of the importance of working out the true value of everything you have and own.  This will be enormously helpful as you plan to enter into some complicated transactions or you start thinking about some sort of start-up or challenging new venture.  The part played by Mars in all of this should help you assert yourself if some critical individuals start to insist that you’re getting it all wrong – even though they’re completely unqualified to do so.  Keep telling yourself that on this occasion at least, you really are the expert.

VIRGO   Aug 24 - Sep 23
Having fought shy of suggesting that someone else should co-operate with you so that the two of you can produce or create something worthwhile, you’re wondering why you’ve insisted on flying solo in this particular area up until now.  And the Aries Full Moon means you’ll realise that you feel energised by having a trusted individual by your side so that the two of you can pursue a particular hope or dream together.  Of course this Full Moon might make you a little bit sentimental so you must avoid striking up a conversation with someone simply because the two of you are fond of each other.  Instead you need to pool your resources with those of someone who is trustworthy, diligent and hard-working because that’s what’s needed if you’re to get the outcomes you’re hoping for.

LIBRA   Sep 24 - Oct 23
There’s a creative streak in you with which you sometimes like to indulge yourself and take an inventive, colourful or even daring approach to work or projects that might otherwise be dull and boring.  And while no-one could blame you for that, you must bear in mind that much of what you do involves other people – and some of them prefer to stick with convention.  With Neptune making a sharp link to Uranus you’re likely to be drawn to some highly original thinking and planning, much to the disappointment of those who’ll be afraid you’ll launch them and yourself into a phase of chaos and confusion.  So make up your mind that, provided you’re convinced that you’ve a recipe for success in your grasp, you’ll insist on doing things your way. Or not at all.

SCORPIO   Oct 24 - Nov 22
Quite a number of people seem to have got it into their heads that you’re a lot better off than you actually are.  Exactly where this idea comes from is no doubt a mystery to you.  But more importantly, you need to put these individuals right and disabuse them of the idea that you have money to throw around.   You’ll feel this quite strongly over the next few days as you’re impacted by the earliest effects of Saturn squaring up to Venus at the weekend.  As a result, anything to do with finances, work, investments or spending has to be spot-on.  And with Saturn involved you’ll have little time for anybody misquoting you or making assumptions about what you have and own.  Hopefully you can put these people right without causing a row.

SAGITTARIUS   Nov 23 - Dec 21
Rumours of an offer coming your way will at first excite you.  But then you’ll start wondering about the amount of extra responsibility you’ll be expected to shoulder.  You’ll also think about whether or not the rewards and recognition will make it worthwhile for you to take on these additional commitments.  Fortunately, Venus in a powerful sector of your chart is joining forces with Pluto.  So once you work out that something is or is not worth taking on board you’ll be very good at letting the people around you know that you’re not going to be swayed by whatever they think or say,  Yes, sometimes advice is well-worth taking on board – but once you feel absolutely sure that you know best you have to go with whatever your instincts are telling you. 

CAPRICORN   Dec 22 - Jan 20
You are about to be faced with a dilemma in terms of an announcement or piece of news that you’ll be expected to communicate to colleagues, friends or associates.  And you mustn’t let Pluto clashing with Mercury – which is still hovering over a potent point in your chart – mean you become incredibly strident when it’s time for you to say what needs to be said.  You certainly mustn’t imagine that those on the receiving end of this information are automatically going to be resistant or perhaps even rebellious when you’ve delivered the message.  It’s important that you give people time to assimilate the facts and figures involved and to process them slowly and carefully.  Not until you’re actually given a negative response should you adopt a defensive tone.  Hopefully that won’t become necessary.

AQUARIUS   Jan 21 - Feb 19
It will take a certain amount of imagination for you to manage some kind of joint project in the best way  possible.  Also you’ll need to decide exactly what you and the other people involved can expect to earn or gain from embarking on this particular venture.  You will have to be entirely transparent with the answers when you’ve worked them out.  All of this will be made much easier for you to handle because of the way in which Venus is collaborating with Mars in a section of your chart that does govern partnership matters and joint endeavours.  Yes, you’ll need to do a bit of pushing and shoving now and again but it shouldn’t take long for you to get the very best out of everyone else involved.

PISCES   Feb 20 - Mar 20
Perhaps you have been through a phase during which you’ve been concerned about money coming in or going out.  Or you’ve wondered how you can best communicate to certain other people your doubts about whether or not they’re going to honour a deal or arrangement that exists between them and yourself.  Of course the obvious answer is that if you do feel you’re in danger of losing out in some way, you have to raise the matter.   But that is sometimes easier said than done.  So you should take advantage of the Full Moon that occurs in the feisty sign of Aries this week and let it be known that you are determined to say what needs to be said and ask the questions which so often in the past have been avoided.



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