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Sarah Bartlett

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Sarah Bartlett
D.Psych. Astrol

Astrologer to celebrities in the music business in the seventies/eighties Studied with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. In 2000, acquired the Diploma in Psychological Astrology -  a three year in-depth professional training programme which cross-fertilizes humanistic and transpersonal psychology with astrology, run by Liz Greene.


Author of the following books:

Fated Attraction - Your complete zodiac guide to Seduction

The Love Tarot Auras and How to Read Them

Women, Sex and Astrology

Mythical Lovers, Divine Desires

World of Myths and Mythology

The Tarot Bible

8 Ways to Tell Your Fortune

Zodiac Baby


Was Astrologer for Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK) and Prima Magazine for over 5 years, now astrologer for Spirit & Destiny Magazine and SHE magazine.
Was also Astrologer for the London Evening Standard daily newspaper for nearly three years up until September 2002.
Sarah contributes every month to the Steve Wright Show on Radio 2


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