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Life Is For Living

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{jcomments off}Dear Astrology Room

I seem to be in a real rut in all aspects of my life (mentally, emotionally, financially, etc.) I currently need major dental work, need to find work but do not have the proper means of transportation. My list of worries/anxieties seem endless. I'm also confused as to where my 'love life' stands with an ex or should I truly put my past behind me (which is so difficult to do). DOB: July 3, 1962 4:05am Your time and insights to all matters would be so appreciated. Thank you!




Your sign is one of the most emotional in the zodiac, but after all you have been through there is not a star sign that wouldn't be feeling stressed and needing support and help.  According to your chart this cycle started two and a half years ago but you are, thank your lucky stars coming to its end.  Going back to a past love seems to be more about tying up loose ends than reclaiming the love of your life.  Eyes forward as from March onwards you have the backing of the planets to make the impossible possible.  Watch out for an Aquarius too who's about to shake up your world and stir your heart.  Life is for living. Try to face your financial problems and find a solution you can live with.


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