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{jcomments off}Dear Astrology Room

I am a Cancerian with Capricorn ascendant, I know that a relationship I have been having with someone somewhat inappropriate and unavailable is coming to an end. I have 2 cancerian friends who have

been in a similar situation that occurred at the same time and events ran a very similar course eg. climax at December eclipse and break up (that didn't last) on January eclipse. Can you advise me and my friends (and any other cancerians affected) about this very difficult & emotional experience please?

Many Thanks



Dear Claire

The main thing to know is that eclipses will tend to have an effect if they connect with your birth chart. The recent ones you talk about affecting you and your Cancerian friends were at 29 Gemini in December, and 13-14 Capricorn (your opposite sign) in January. They act as cat alysts very often, energising issues relevant to the planets and houses they connect with. Such issues have often been simmering away for some time, the eclipse highlights them and triggers action on your part, or the part of others. Break-ups are often very tough experiences to have, but it sounds as if deep down you know that it is the right thing. Just be good to yourself, take care of your well-being, and plan a few treats with friends. You will need to build up your self esteem, and widen your world with pleasant experiences or even a holiday or course of study.

There will be three eclipses this summer, two in June (Gemini/Sagittarius), and one in Cancer on 1st July. Eclipses can herald good things too, so I do hope you can use this time of change to heal the past and begin to look forward to a new future.

Best wishes



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